Since i cant edit my first post after 24 hours pls consider link below, as the most updated info for my Plotting service

Hello guys, since i cant edit first post of my thread i recreate my thread (here is my old thread link SUPER CHEAP PLOTTING SERVICE 0.3 $/plot - #15 by Goodwill)



  1. (Small Plotting Package) 20 plot = 10$ for crypto or 11$ for paypal, minimum buying 20 plot
  2. (Medium Plotting Package) 100 plot = 45$ for crypto or 50$ for paypal, minimum buying 100 plot
  3. (Bronze Dedicated Plotting Package) 200 plot = 80$ for crypto or 88$ for paypal (you got 19-20 plot per day, so total will be 200 plot in 10 days). So whether you buy 200 or 20000 plot you will get in 10 days
  4. (Silver Dedicated Plotting Package) 450 plot = 135$ for crypto or 149$ for paypal (you got 19-20 plot per day, so total will be 450 plot in 23 days). So whether you buy 450 or 45000 plot you will get in 23 days

How to pay:

  1. Upfront payment: you pay first, and i give link that will automatically updated when new plot available, so you can start downloading your plot faster


  1. if we dont complete your order in 10 extended days, after commitment days, we will give refund accordingly (ex: if we only send half of your order , we will refund 50% back)
  2. Refund will work in this way, if you pay 155$ > after paypal fees > i got 149$, if i need to refund, i will send 149$ only, and it might still getting cut from paypal fees (doesnt mean i dont want to refund your full expense, but i cant refund something that i dont receive), so you receive less than that. in the case of of crypto payment, the similar case applied, but the fees should be far cheap compared with paypal (xrp is less than 1$ fees when i write this post, ofc you can also pay using other crypto coin)


  1. Q: How long plot will be saved?
    In default small and medium package Plot will be saved in our storage for 30 days after all plot completed, Dedicated Package plot will be saved in our storage for 60 days after all plot completed. (all negotiable case per case)
  2. Q: What plotter do you use?
    We are using madmax plotter so for now only k32 available
  3. Q: How long time will plot take?
    We can make 60 Plot/day for now, will upgrade our server, if there is demand for it
  4. Q: What is Dedicated Plotting package?
    We will use dedicated server to plotting your order so you dont need to queue. So its mean whether do you buy 1 slot package (450 plots) or 100 (45000 plots) slot package the estimation of delivery will be 23 days. (The example above using silver dedi package)
  5. Q: Why my plot slowing down / Stopped
    If your estimation plot time daily is down to 80% (Ex: should be 10 per day, but receive only 7 plot in a day) or stopped completely pls PM me, will fix it asap
  6. Q: I have question, where should i ask?
    You can contact me here, in comment or by PM, i dont use any IM yet
  7. Q: How you deliver the plot
    I give you link that will automatically updated if there is any new plot, plot will be in winrar with each rar consist of 2 plots K32
  8. Q: Do you support newest plot protocol ??
    yes, we can support newest plot protocol / offer plots for pools

Would you trade new external storage for plots?

No i cant, sorry , i think the shipping cost will be much expensive than the price itself

I’ve bought a Medium Plotting Package, and everything it’s ok. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a plots. Once again, thank you Goodwill for a job well done and I will contact you soon for new plots!

How the fuck can this be profitable after taxes?

thank you for your review, apreciate a lot. and our pleasure to work for you :smiley:

it might be hard to achieve that price if you are western citizen. but if you are china citizen or citzen country of near china 0.3$ is still achievable to get some profit, thats because our hardware, labour, electricity and tax is far more cheap compared with most of western countries

Guys, the plot service i offer is not Permanently fixed,

Maybe you need faster plotting? or slower plotting but more cheaper price?? need more time to download your plot?? all can be negotiable, please dont hesitate to talk to me via PM or just comment here, i will be more happy to answer all your question

New update guys :smiley: :+1:

  1. Silver dedicated plotting, have more plotting speed, now it will give you about 30-50 plot per day
  2. Silver dedicated plotting++ package for total 1000 plot or more we will give price $0.28/plot.
    total plot mean, if first, you buy 500 plot we will charge for $0.3/plot for total $150, then before all plotting completed your order again another 500 plot, we will charge this new order for $130, so total for 1000 plot is $280 or 0.28/plot). but if you should benefit to get this discount pls let us know, we might forgot that you already order before.
  3. While we deliver the plot in zip form but for dedicated package, which mean order with 200 plot or more , we will lent the google drive account (this google drive account only contain your plot only, so your data should be safe), you can mount it into your PC using rclone, then we will give you bash script or batch script depending your OS, to automatically to download from google drive until unzipping into your disk farm.

For more detail regarding update, please read on pastebin link above, thank you :wink: