1.1.3 Not Syncing

1.1.3 totally broke my set up. Running windows full node with linux remote harvester and 3 remote windows harvesters. Plots aren’t syncing and can’t catch up to the network (syncing stuck just before finished blocks).

Just noticed this announcement on Keybase and it helped for my Windows setup:


If you are using 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 and can not open port 8444 and can not get a peer to sync from, please delete ~/.chia/mainnet/db/peer_table_node.sqlite or ~\.chia\mainnet\db\peer_table_node.sqlite on Windows and restart the app.


i was fixing it this by sync date & time in windows 10 every time i restart my PC.
if this is the permanent solution thank you, I’m gonna try this next time before restart.