1.2.8 GUI Wont open

I’ve just downloaded the 1.2.8 .deb and installed it as i always do except this time it doesn’t start, i just get a spinning wheel.

I’ve downgraded back to 1.2.7 and it now opens but i’ve got spinning wheels on all the Full Node window. It was only down for 2 mins.

Ive got these errors in Developer Window. Internet connection is fine.

Any ideas all?

Corrupt data. What to do:

Close everything Chia related (a reboot will be the best for this).

  1. In the DB folder, save aside only the biggest file (onto Desktop or in a folder somewhere). And delete everything in the DB folder.
  2. Now run Chia (version does not matter, this problem is not version related).
  3. You should see everything now working fine. Close Chia.
  4. Copy that big saved file bacck into the DB folder.
  5. Now run Chia.
    You are done!

Kudos to you kind sir, that worked a treat. Many many thanks.

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