1.3.0 Bug , client sends partials to the wrong pool

on 1.2.11 version I am self pooling, but when I upgraded to to 1.3.0, it changed by itself to space pool, and when I tried to change pool back to self pooling on 1.3.0, its been 24hr pending so far.
any ideas ? and thanks

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What is your pool area in config.yaml?

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This is an identified and confirmed bug in v1.3.
Has been discussed in several topics on this forum today…

Space Pool just issued a message to users they are investigating an issue with login attempts on their servers.
Could well be the chia clients updated to 1.3 and experiencing this issue are somehow interacting with their Pool servers.

For now reverting to 1.2.11 seems to be the solution, awaiting an update on 1.3.


I tried everything over 2 days now, goin back to 1.2.11 is the only thing that works.


I also went back to 1.2.11 because of this.
Tried to change from space pool to self pooling on 1.3.0 without success for over 12 hours…
P.s. It also changes payout address in the config.yaml and I needed to restore previous one from backup, Because manual change wasn’t applied and was changed after exvery chia guy restart.

Me ocurrió lo mismo. Tampoco podía pasar a auto polling. Empecé de nuevo a sincronizar de cero, un desastre 1.3.0 Además tarda mucho en encontrar los plots. Me arrepiento de haber actualizado.

still the same problem with 1.3.1