1.5.0 any really useful updates?

Besides cats and nft around issues is there any reason to upgade from 1.4.0?

I had a strange issue with 1.5.0. When I restart windows, everytime the “receive address” changes. Anybody has this problem? So I have to edit config.yaml. Then, farmr.exe gives error, as it loads the previous receive address!! This becomes a vicious circle!! As I am very used to the comfort of farmr.exe, I returned back to 1.4.0 and the issue was gone!!!

Why does not windows chia gui write the new receive address to config.yaml???

So I do not have a reason to update to 1.5.0!!!

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Receive address in NFT section change everytime you receives an NFT but you can use the older one without problem because all of them are associated to your keys.

For me, no reason to update 1.4.0. :writing_hand::writing_hand: