1.6.1 incorrect plot count

After I updated to 1.6.1 I realized the plot count on the GUI is incorrect.
I have 31,406 plots in total, i can see at the bottom XXx/31,406 pass through filter and also can confirmed this on the log. Farmr is also showing I have 31,406 plots in total, but on the GUI its showing 327 plots in total with ETW over 5 months.

I don’t think this is affecting my win because i got a double drop yesterday, but was wondering if anyone is experience the same thing with the GUI displaying a wrong plot count?

Disk you go into diskmanagment and see that all your disk are there? And in the GUI look into add a plot directory and see that all your drives and folders are there also.

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yep, everything seems fine. Just the display on the GUI shows less plots than actual.

This is one of my Vmweare machines.
When you go to the Plots tab and the local Plots number is the same as the top middle number?

@dougsop Are your harvester executables the same version?

Should have asked this question, the GUI in chia or the GUI in your browser for farmr# When you upgraded to chia 1.6.1 the file structure changed and your farmr has a new path that it needs.

i should have added screen shot before, take a look at these

it looks like i’m farming with 31,406 plots but its just the display that is wrong.

Only running 1 node, so yes its the same version.

So by these two pics your Chia GUI says plot count 327 and your farmr plot count says 31406. But one plot failed to open, can you track that one down? When you installed chia 1.6.1 did you select just your user or for everyone on the machine? How many people use this machine? I install always for everyone, but that’s me, I’m the only one using all my machines and want to keep things the same.

When you click on the ‘Add Plot Directory’ dropdown, are all your directories listed?


and just as an aside what is that icon for that I’ve circled in red on your screenshot

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yep, they are all there.
i think i’m farming with all the plots because i dont think its possible to have 70+ plots pass through filter with just 320 plots :sweat_smile:


Maybe those plots belong to a different fingerprint, not the one you are auto-loging.

issue resolved after a whole system restart.
there must be a bug somewhere.