1.75 xch claimed from selfpooling


just won a block and as usual immediatelly claimed the reward from pooling tab. few moments later my balance has been up accordingly. BUT, there is no record about this exact transaction appeared although 0.25 transaction is there.

any ideas?

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Just wait an hour…

minimum text

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three hours later … still nothing.

why this is happening what is the reason of delay?

Post the output of ./chia wallet show and ./chia wallet get_transactions please.

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trust me everything is fine with my setup.

chia wallet get_transactions

is also missing that transaction, the last one is 0.25 i has mentioned before.

the missed transaction is in expolorer but not on my end. something isn’t alright with 1.5.1.

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it’s known issue in 1.5.1. if you are solo farmer.
Ticket is here: Transaction doesn't show in GUI/CLI after 1.5.0 [Bug] · Issue #13251 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub
Don’t worry wait for update :wink:


oh wow i see ok.

should i NOT claim next reward until new version will be released?

Your fine claiming them, once its patched next release hopefully youll probably have to delete your wallet db and let it sync ( very fast ) to see any missing rewards.

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is it still doable a win?

Well you did win, so clearly thats a yes.
Others have also.

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