1 dock station instead 4 usb hd

I have 4 external usb hd 3.5 where i saved the plots, I was thinking about something like the link abow where put the 4 hd instead to have singularly them connect by usb.
Principally my idea is to save energy :thinking:
What do you think?

How do you think this would save electricity?

Make sure the power supply for this docking station can handle the load of 4 disks. But the drive will pull what current they need, so you would only save 3 usb ports. (Make sure their USB 3.0 ports your plugging into).

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Warning, I purchased one of these hoping to expand the drives I can connect. It did t work as expected. At least the one purchased had a mirroring function. from what I can tell the mirror function would work great with multiple drives but when I tried to add multiple drives for general use, Once there was multiple drives it did not work correctly.

Thank you for your opinions
@yamen I posted just an example, I saw other that the hard disks are showed separately on windows.
@drhicom I understand your point so It doesnt save anything lol

Another thing to consider is that such enclosures do not provide adequate cooling. HDDs run rather hot - so this is usable as a stopgap solution at best

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Those don’t work very well in my experience, they tend to be unable to power all the drives and disconnect. They’re made for replicating disks but don’t work great as a diy-nas.

maybe better something like this one.
But I think as you sayd before there is no improvomet for the usage of electricity


A little bit more expensive than the model you linked to, but I am running 20 drives across 4 of these Terramaster D5-300C enclosures.


No problems so far, noise is okay, drives stay spun up. Only when I’m writing new plots to a drives do lookup times become very slow, but I assumed this would be the case before buying.

The model that I linked is usb 3.0 do you think is enought ?

Thank you

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