1 Plot (PaaS) = 0,01 XCH?

Hi guys,

You can find everywhere “plotting as a service” including in this forum.

Be honest with me: Would you pay 1% of a XCH for a single plot???

That’s the price of the “service”.

I wouldn’t pay that much. I’d only pay what it’s worth to compute a plot + convenience fee.

I especially wouldn’t pay that much especially since the value of XCH fluctuates.

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I am pretty sure that there is a wrong price in this sentence but the real question should be:

What is wrong? The price of a “plot” (US$ 6) or the price of a “XCH” (US$ 600)?

That is the price.

I’m paying for you to make something for me that is only useful to me and worth only energy/compute to you.

It makes more sense for me to buy a new computer to plot than to pay for your service at 0.1 XCH. That’s why I think 0.1XCH is too high.

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