1000+ Plots, No Reward. You're not alone. It's ok

I suspect there are many of us in the ~1000-10000 plot range, staying fairly quiet, not joining hpool and not getting rewards. I’ve actively farmed 1,000-2,000 plots/day with zero reward in the last 3-4 weeks. …just part of today, for instance:
40034 chances to win in your logs.
0 proofs found (these are wins, right?).
0.5959 Average time to check.
9.72284 Max time to check.

Not a rant. Not a debate. Just wanted you all to know that you have company. :slight_smile:


That’s why many people who have less than 5Tib plots got rewards :thinking:

And I personally witnessed a few <10Tb get the block, with no Photoshop. While sitting here with 1000+ and zero.


Yeah not joininh hpool as I support decentralization but the pain is real. 3k plots now. 3 weeks.

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A little over 130TiBs with nada! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess I can’t complain then; 148 plots with 0 reward :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m almost to the point of just stop plotting once it has filled up my available space as I’m just a micro farmer compare to you guys :slight_smile:

btw, just want to add, after installing 1.1.6, my peer connections have drastically increased (while 1.1.5 only hand about 3-4 at best). That’s good I guess.


Same. 100TiB and still hitting zeros. Really hope we see pools end of month or il be another hpool joiner.

All people from same country ?

Given current network space, with 100TB right you’d have about a 1 in 3 weeks chance of winning. Considering the luck factor, it wouldn’t necessarily be uncommon or unusual to not find a block for months even with 100TB fully plotted.

For sure. btw, dry spell has ended:

53716 chances to win in your logs.
1 proofs found (these are wins, right?).
0.5884 Average time to check.
9.39777 Max time to check.

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My dry spell is ongoing. Now around 3200 plots. Last Chia on 5th May. I am on 1.16 and logs show most responce times 1-2 seconds while a few 5-6 seconds and worst I seen lately was 9 seconds. Wonder if it matters I am in a country that probably have few Chia farmers and node peers.

I see a lot of people saying that they haven’t won any rewards since the beginning of May. I really suspect there’s some problem with 1.1.5 (which was released on May 9th).

Yeah that had occured to my mind as well. Best indication I have so far is not in responce times but incase it simply it skipped some reward checks. I have seen a few users report it did not check every 30 seconds as it should on average. Will see if things gets better now with 1.16. Been on that since a few hours after release and I guess the ubuntu computers are on 1.17dev.

how do you check speed

You can see it in the logs with info level set.

how do you check speed?
check logs

60TiB, nothing reward …

124TiB here and no rewards since 28th April.

It’s getting tiresome now!

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Hey everyone, stop looking at your logs the whole day. If your node/farmer is working fine rewards will come. Just go do something else. I’ve set a simple pushover notification when my balance change and that’s all. Keep working on other stuff, or help others start with chia on #support.

I started plotting on April 24 and plotted around 90TB so far. Had no winnings until May 19, then won 1 block on that day from my harvester (160 plots), and another one on the next day (May 20) on the main node (603 plots).

Setup some notifications if your node gets out of sync, if your read times are slow, and that’s it.
Don’t lose hope, this looks like a great project.


Given current network size of 11EiB, anyone with 100TiB plotted is only going to win on average once every 25 days. Keep in mind that 500% luck factor is not uncommon in crypto mining, meaning that it could take months even with 100TiB (basically bad luck). But that’s only if net space doesn’t grow. Given the current growth rate (now around 750PiB-1EiB/day) , those estimations are nowhere near accurate (way too optimistic), so again even with 100TiB plotted 3-6 months until you find a block is not actually unreasonable.

Myself I have 1.3PB plotted now and only find a block once every 4-5 days or so. That is reality. Anyone thinking they should have seen rewards by now with just 100TiB is dreaming (but of course you could be the super duper lucky one hitting the lottery, which is essentially what we’re all doing). Reality check people. Run the numbers. If the network keeps growing like this, taking into account net space growth rate and time to plot, ROI for new hard drive purchases is already > 1 year. If you think it’s sooner either you are hoping to be a million dollar lottery winner or you are simply just looking at today’s net space and not calculating what next week or next month will look like.

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