10TB HGST He10 SAS for sale ($15/TB)

I have decided to sell my HDDs as costs for farming chia isn’t worth anymore.

I currently have 20x 10TB HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 (He10) 10TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch | Power Disable | Enterprise Hard Drive - HUH721010ALE600 (0F27452) (Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/HGST-Ultrastar-HUH721010ALE600-0F27452-Internal/dp/B01H2D03GS)

I will sell it for $150 each ($3000 total) and will be sold as 1 lot (Changed price from $200 each). Price is still negotiable and warranty is still available.

Only used for chia farming. I will format the disks before shipping. I will pay for shipping to any country.

Payment can be sent once shipped. I will use fedex priority for shipping.

Where would these be shipped from?

It would be shipped from Philippines. I will ship it through Fedex International Priority for free.

Sold. Though I would have 100 pcs to be delivered by monday/tuesday next week. The price will be $18/TB since it is brand new. Same model and same capacity.

100 drives are still available. Willing to negotiate for better price if you’ll take the whole lot.

I have decided to reduce the price to $15/TB and price is still negotiable.

Hey, seems like I lost you on keybase. Did those drives get in the mail? They aren’t showing up on the FedEx tracking number yet.

SCAM ALERT - I paid oxygen for 20 drives plotted and all communication stopped just before shipping. I was shown an alleged picture of the package and given a fedEx tracking number, but the package has not shipped and I have heard nothing for nearly a week.

Why you paid before shipment?

Hey said…

I missed that in the ad. Our private conversations seemed to expect payment upfront.

Thats nasty man…stupid scammers

Did you pay using a reversible method? Credit/debit card, Paypal etc. Not sure you get much protection when buying things from people on forums vs. conventional online shopping, but worth trying to get a chargeback if you can.

Nope. Was going to do PayPal, but I never have the best luck with it, and decided to cash in XCH. Sold to USDT on gate.io (that worked fine other than a slight lack of liquidity) and sent from there. Basically scammed myself.

Any drives still available?

I’ll send you mine, they’re already plotted even.

I’m told they’re in this box.

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Checking in. Scammed? Or did they show up?

No drives and no comms. Seems like a scam.

Quite often when ive had stuff shipped international I’ve not been able to use tracking till it hits my country.
Other times I’ve been able to track source to destination.

I hope you get lucky and they arrive.

FedEx international was supposed to be 4 day shipping. The tracking code I have is only a label, and doesn’t show that it was ever sent. And it’s 2 weeks later