10TB WD Gold Enterprise x8

I have 8 units of 10 TB WD Gold Enterprise, I bought them new and used for 2-3 months on my farm.
Now considering to change them with higher capacity drives to optimize TB/unit efficiency.

Looking for bids ~75% of their current market value.

Can provide SMART info on request.
Shipping in United States or we can meet locally in TX

I have some plotting capacity and can fill up the drives with your plots for additional fee and time (2 days per hdd).

I am around the Waco TX area and interested. How much are you wanting?

Nice I’m about 1 hour drive from Waco.

I’d like $225/ea. If you want me to plot with your public keys and fill them up, I’d like $0.75 per plot

Let me look into it. I dont’ know alot about the WD Gold.

That’s actually a terrible price don’t do it…$22.50 per tb for used drives lol you can easily find brand new drives for $18-20 a tb

That’s actually a good price! They’re WD Golds. Some of the best drives WD makes and it also sounds like they come with their full manufacturer warranty if he bought them brand new. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal on 10TB WD Golds.

Yea, they are WD golds… but I am not interested in the gold ones. If I can get 5 years out of my regulars ones, I’ll be happy.

I’m willing to lower price to $20/TB

If you still have drives I am willing g to pay 10 per tb