12 hours per plot in parallel?

Hi guys,

I have AMD 3700X, 32GB RAM, 2TB Corsair MP400. I ran 4 plots in parallel and after 48 hours the result came an average of 41,000 seconds (12 hours) per plot creation. Is that normal?


What drive are you using? one nvme is not equal to the other, especially when plotting is concerned

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You can make 8 parallel plots every 12-13 hours, with 30-60 delay, RAM set to 4000.
I have AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT, 32 GB RAM, 2TB NVME Seagate FireCuda 520.
I´m still testing the optimal plotting delay for the best performance.

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I’m using Corsair MP400.

I’ve set delay for 2 hours, since I saw that that’s how much the phase 1 is taken and I also set the RAM to 5000 and only 4 plots, since I saw somewhere that the temporary file can get up to 410GB. Or I’m mistaking?

Good drive but you are limited by this slightly. To get better performance you could have done 2 x 1TB. The delay is less important than how many in parallel. Would recommend for an 8 core, 16 thread CPU you do 10 in parallel. Less speed per plot, but more happening at once. You have the ram and the space. Get the stagger at around 90 minutes and your drive will not get full.

Ah that seems to be a terrible drive for plotting unfortunately.

The write speed is really low after the cache gets filled, so that’s your problem right there

For plotting, the sustained speed write speed is the only speed that matters because you write so much data that the cache always gets filled.


Oh geez that is bad. I was thinking of the MP600 for a good drive. That drive is going to limit what can get done. Again, 2 x 1TB will always be better because of sustained write. QLC is just junk for Chia.

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Hello people , i would like some help as well,
I’m on Windows 10 with an Asus tuf x570
Ryzen 3900x
48gb of ddr4 3200 ram 2x8 gskill ripjaws 3200 and 1 32gb patriot viper gaming
And 2 nvme m2
1x Corsair mp510 920gb and
1x crucial p5 2tb both gen3 I think
I am trying out to plot 10 parallel
3x on the Corsair and
7x on Crucial with a stagger of 30 mins and settings 2 threads 4000 ram but it takes close to 16-18 hours to finish the 1st plot , though to be fair it might had finished synching after 2 days…
Am I missing something?
I’m plotting on GUI cause I’m a clueless noob about PowerShell and cli.
Any advice ?

So the 3900x has 24 threads, so your 48gb of ram is okay. The 2TB + 1TB NVME SSD is also okay, so nice.

I think you can plot 16 max in parallel, staggered something like 70 minutes and be fine. Do not use the GUI, get SWAR: GitHub - swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager: This is a Cross-Platform Plot Manager for Chia Plotting that is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable.

You will do so much better via CLI.

how do i track them from CLI do they later appear in GUI ? i did download that swar and saw a quick video on how to set it up

Exactly what I was thinking, guys. After a while, I suspect the speed of the SSD drops a lot and I saw somewhere that it might be because of the cache. So, what is my best choice? How much in parallel? Thanks!

btw the 16 that you are referring to is per 8 hours or per day? also im having some thoughts about the swar and its settings and what about the visual in the GUI will the plots be visible there with swar ?

No Swar has it;s own view

The 16 I am referring to is parallel staggered plots. The more plots you can run in parallel, with a roughly similar stagger time naturally, the more plots you get. Time to plot a single does not matter. It’s why all these Xeon w/ DDR3 builds kill it when plotting for low cost. Lots of threads, lots in parallel.

Οκ after setting the 70 mins delay I can see time for 1st plot and each plot there after being around 8 hours but with default settings 2 threads and 3390ram can’t seem to get it lower than that also I made a pool of the 2 nvmes not sure if the helps or not,
I was hopping of finishing more than 3 plots per 8 hours or so…

Install the latest Chia soft version: 1.1.6 - 2021-05-21, creating one plot should be about 7-8 hours. I´m doing parallel 8 plots, RAM set 4000, delay 45 mins. All 8 plots finished in 12 hours.

i think the more plots you do in parallel the longer the final time is getting no matter the settings
is that the case for you guys ?

that would be expected normal behavior.