12 Port SATA PCIe card - port multiplier ready!

Hey everybody, I’m tearing down my DIY JBOD that I describe here: Scalable DIY SATA JBOD - Will store over 250 Disks! Everything works great! I just found some great deals on SAS equipment so I’m moving my plots over. I’ll be updating that thread with some more info and details on the new setup soon!

This is a 12 port PCIe SATA add-in card that works great with port multipliers. I originally purchased it from AliExpress for about $60. With port multipliers, this single card can run 60 SATA drives at once!

Chia Mining 12 Port SATA III PCIe Card PCI E SATA Controller Card to 6GB Internal Adapter Converter PCI SATA 3.0 Expansion Cards|Add On Cards| - AliExpress

I’m asking for 0.25 XCH*

Free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

If nobody is interested in paying via XCH, I’ll be putting this up on ebay for around $50 USD.

* Price subject to change if XCH price changes drastically. 1 XCH is currently ~$135 USD. Please PM to lock in agreement.

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