$14000 Chia Rig on eBay

Just found a $14000 Chia Rig on eBay:

It’s mainly 18 TB Toshiba HDDs according to the seller. Assuming it were only 18 TB HDDs, the 700 TB translates to 38,88888888888889 drives. Given the Toshiba drives are usually on sale for like $250 / 250 Euro, the HDDs alone are worth $9722 / 9722 Euro. Calculating with $300 / 300 Euro per HDD, the value of the HDDs is $11666 / 11666 Euro. Not the worst price. :slight_smile:

Who will buy it? :smiley:

still that means you are buying 700 TB farm + 2 plotters for something like 20% less than the price it costs new: not exactly a steal, but can’t fault the seller for trying. I’m sure many of them will be open to a realistic offer