16 and 14 tb WD Hard Drives with your plots (10 drives total)

I’ve been an active PaaS vendor established since shortly after mainnet. I’m listed on Chia.Supply.

I currently have 5 16 tb western digital white label drives available to be plotted. $640 USD each. Yes $640 breaks down in $20/TB hardware + $20/TB k32 plotting.

5 14 tb will be fully available by next Tuesday 6/1. $560 USD each.

These are Western Digital shucked drives. I’ll apply kapton tape so they run with a standard PC power supply.

1/2 up front, remainder plus shipping upon completion of plotting. My systems output 11 - 11.5 TiB /day.

Preference to customers who commit to the greater number of drives. Ties broken on first come, first served.

Please contact @bwtechnical here at ChiaForum (assuming this site supports DM), keybase or reddit with your request and a good time and a means of reaching you. I can serve clients in the US, Canada or Mexico only. Thanks for looking.