160TiB cloud farm for sale

160TB cloud farm for sale

Size: 160TiB
Availability: Immediate
Location: Germany
Sale price: $3000
Running cost: $500/month

How will the sale work?

  1. You pay a 10% deposit to secure the farm.
  2. You sign up for an account with the cloud provider, if you do not have one already.
  3. You pay a further 20% of the purchase price.
  4. I transfer the master server, holding 40% of the plots, to your cloud provider account.
  5. You pay the remaining balance (70%).
  6. I transfer the additional storage server holding the remaining 60% of plots, along with the private key, to your cloud provider account.
  7. Ongoing running costs are paid directly to the cloud provider. At this point you can, of course, transfer to another provider, or download the files to your own hardware - whatever you like!


Please note: You will need to know your way around the Linux command line if you want to make changes on the server. Tech support is available at additional cost (e.g. Linux help, setup of monitoring, dashboards…)

Any questions, feel free to send me a message on here.

Server is on hetzner?

As far as I know, crypto mining is forbidden on Hetzner. I presume you are asking because you already have other non-crypto data there? Feel free to PM me for specifics on the provider.

Hey, safe way to transfer an account would be use a lawyer. Small fee cut in half by both parties. Buyer puts 100% funds in lawyers trust account, account moved, both parties say done and money goes to seller. Safe from scams - not saying this is!

Thought it might help for here and other possible deals.

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It’s a good suggestion, thankyou. Organising an escrow is probably a lot of work for a transaction of this size, but I’m not opposed to using one if it makes the buyer more comfortable. Be safe out there, people!

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My lawyer in Germany would do it for €125. Both sign a paper with the outline of the deal and he would do nothing but release the funds once both parties agreed all was done, just use the bank account as a buffer. It would obviously cost buckets more if someone said no and the lawyer had to resolve the issue.

Good luck m8!


Please explain what’s stopping you from transferring any farmed chia to your wallet? You have the private keys.

Seller destroys keys on transfer. You seem like a smart person, so you will be aware that there is, of course, no way to irrefutably prove this. So, a couple of recommendations to my crypto friends looking to purchase any farm:

  1. Do not spend money you cannot afford to lose (and this is true of anything you do with Chia). When farming there are no guaranteed returns.
  2. Do not buy from a seller you do not trust.

To answer some additional questions that have been asked:

  • You will need to sign up for your own cloud provider account (as above).
  • The minimum commitment to the server provider post-transfer is one month.
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Well, not OP but the fact that you can change the reward address for the plots on demand makes me quiet confident that OP can’t steal from you unless he keeps a copy of all plots and then keeps farming them to a different reward address. Not sure who will win this kind of battle

Some interesting points there. For anyone interested in the general topic of theft of private keys, there is already a thread discussing this:


60TB is only like 5 or 6 Hard Drives. for 3k, I expect a physical delivery of the drives. No need to do cloud transfer.

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@ChiaPlotsFast, I’m very curious if this works out. If you manage to find a buyer, please update this thread or DM me.

@maded2 You stumbled into the wrong thread. Cloud is for people who want to move fast, to scale up and down on demand, and to explicitly not have to worry about procuring and managing hardware. Best of luck in your search for disks.

@e8s Absolutely. Fun fact: between interest from potential buyers, and sellers considering a similar sale, the split has been roughly 50:50. Make of that what you will…

Maybe that hints that the supply & demand are well balanced?

We are still at the stage where the majority are looking at this as a hobby, rather than an investment opportunity. Feels very much like the early days of Bitcoin in that sense.

3k Capex and 250$ Opex monthly. TCO for 4yrs for 600x plots = 15k. You serious?

@Tydeno - running a cloud farm for 4 years… are you serious? I’m beginning to question the clarity of thought from a vocal majority. There are some very silly projections floating around.

Folks, I don’t give investment advice, but to help cut through the noise, expected time to win 2XCH with this farm right now: two weeks. As with all investment decisions, do your own calculations based on projected future value over your chosen time horizon.

@ChiaPlotsFast When talking about “investing”, one usually refers to longterm investments. Atleast I do. I plot for the long run (4yrs+). Not sure what others are doing. Time in the market beats timing the market is my motto. So yes, I am serious about my calc when comparing your offer to investing in OnPrem HW.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to ruin your offer. I just want to understand it’s value proposition, because right now, it’s not clear to me.

There’s a place for both to coexist - one may have better value short term and the other long term.

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@Tydeno I think day traders would take issue with your definition of investment :wink: There is ongoing discussion of the value of cloud farms here: