18tb usb $299.99

Best Buy has their Western Digital line (easystore) of 18TB drives on sale for $299.99 ($16.67 per TB).

That is the lowest price I have ever seen for an 18TB USB drive, and the lowest cost per TB I have seen for any drive in several months.

They let me buy 5. But I suspect that you could just keep placing orders if you want more.


Also, Amazon has their version of Western Digital’s 18TB USB drives (Elements) for the same price:

They allow for 25 to be added to your cart.


Also, Micro Center has the same Elements drives at the same price. But their inventory is low (even zero, depending on the store’s location – and none are available for shipping).


B&H Photo Video’s price has not been lowered to match the competition. But if you call them, they usually price match, if their store works best for you.


I have a Best Buy local to me, so it makes returns of a bad drive easy. So I am purchasing from them.


Do you have to have external drives that connect with USB?

I am not sure what you are asking?

Do you shuck these drives or use them with the USB connections?

The latter.
I would rather not void the warranty.

Also, I lack the technical know-how to set-up the SATA enclosures that I have seen posted in this forum.
It is probably simple, once you know what to do. I just do not know what to do.

I have two setups like this with the fans. along with the other drives in node cases.

8 Bay Hard Drive Rack Holder Cage Case Caddy Test Bench W/ Fan | Etsy

Thanks… but there is more to it.
From where do you derive the power for all of the drives and the fans? Does each one get its own power cord? Or do you feed the rack, and the rack feeds the drives and the fans?

Same thing for data? Is there such a think as a SATA hub, where all of the drives connect to it, and the hub connects to your computer via a single DATA cable?

When you schuck the drives out of the cases you still use the board connected to the drive with the USB connection along with the power pack. And you get a small 12dc power pack for the fans. runs allot cooler out of the cases.

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And yes there are sata expanders that can be power from USB power also if you want to play that route.

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Thx for sharing. Amazing price for 18 TB WD drives. Though, only 2 years of warranty (vs. 5) IIR.