1k$ airdrop for developers with a github account

I’ve found about this some days ago, I think there’s many users in this community that might be eligible to this airdrop so I am sharing it here.

The requirements: github developers with over 15 followers on February 2019, or in the PGP WoT Strong Set.

To prove that I am not lying, you can check here the address of a friend that has done this claim successfully: BlockExplorer.com | Address hs1qx5ppj4a42my3wr9en5gekmu3acz9xdl7z696yl

Here’s the link for the Handshake claim (handshake is an experimental crypto alternative to DNS): https://handshake.org/claim

If you feel like sharing part of your good fortune I accept chia donations here: xch1hpr7jj7ejfk8835zsyedz2unh7l94pjwv664gshg7jy8lgzplwrs9038mf

@codinghorror would be an honor to give back something to someone whose work helped me so much.
(signal boosting to make sure you see it, I am pretty sure you are eligible if you didn’t claim it yet.)

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this is not a scam… why are you crying wolf without checking anything? -.-

He just tagged one of the mods himself :sweat_smile:, other than that I agree this seems more fishy than my local fish shop…

Advise ppl to stay clear until mods actually answer,

btw, the handshake link is to general page, nothing to claim there just instructions on how to install handshake

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hmm there’s something wrong, I linked the correct page and when I click it goes to the /claim page, but yeah I would prefer to show the entire link in the post without it switching to just the name. newbie using discourse tho… not sure how to do it

EDIT: Already edited the main post to show the full link, I just had to remove the last /

Just remove your post… has no place here… clearly a SCAM

bumping this because I think most people didn’t see it…

If for some reason you don’t trust the info of this post create a VM just to claim this. :slight_smile:

Just remove your post… has no place here… clearly a SCAM

Why do you keep spamming here? I already reported your 1st commend and an admin saw this thread and didn’t remove it. Doesn’t matter how many times you spam that this is a scam, you are wrong. :sweat_smile:

If you used google you would see pretty fast this is legit, but you don’t seem like the kind of reasonable guy who would do this… So just stop spammimg. tyvm

Protecting the community,… It’s totally unrelated to Chia… go push this somewhere else.

Well… I wouldn’t have discovered this if it wasn’t for your “warning”.

Thanks, I’ll click on the link to check it out. Thank you for “protecting the community”.

I think I’ll click on it twice. Hazzah!

I am not pushing anything since I get nothing from this :man_facepalming:

Shared with a friend eligible and he confirmed it works so I shared it in several communities I am in, that’s it. This is related to crypto and this is a crypto community with many devs, so it is perfectly ok to have this thread on the random section.

I believe in the mantra “sharing is caring” but it’s alright I already now your values are different so I’ll just ignore you from now on.

I did actually click the link. I have no idea what it is so I lost interest. :sweat_smile:

Yeah my friend also had a bit of an issue to claim it… If you follow the steps and you are eligible you’ll get a 1k$ reward, if that’s not enough of an incentive yeah don’t do it xD

Maybe this guy explains it better? Handshake airdrop for github users. · GitHub