1TB/4TB/8TB/10TB Plotting different k32 sizes?

Hi guys,

my question is how many Plott can I do for;

1TB = xx Plott (SSD)
2TB = xx Plott (SSD)
4TB = xx Plott (HDD)
8TB = xx Plott (HDD)
10TB = xx Plott (HDD)

k=32 / k=33 / k=34
Also, which of these would be more appropriate?

So is it better to raise it as the area gets bigger? or is it better to make more plotting in a smaller size?

Sample ;
10TB (HDD) k=34 or k=32 better ?

Thanks for all help!

I think you can calculate this yourself?

Use only k32, there is no advantage to any other size at this time.

When i calculate k=32 says 11 plott for 1TB is it possible?
And I created 4 plots at k=33 which one makes more sense?

This may help:

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Both do different calculation,
one generates 11 plots but the other generates 9 plots.
What is the reason for this?