2.5-3tb/day server for 200$ or plotting service for $0.5/plot

I rent two servers (OVH: Rice-1/2x2TB NVME + Advance-2/2x2TB NVME) for plotting, which will still be mine for 25 days, total capacity 2.5-3tb/day, 1gbps internet. I don’t plan to create more plots but want to use existing capacity somehow, I can send plots directly to your hard drive from under your key (swar already configured) for 0.5$, or I can sell full access to these servers via ssh or transfer OVH account to you for $200 (via paypal). Feel free to ask for more information.

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I am interested. How can I contact you?

At the moment I’m doing an order for 100+ plots, so unfortunately I won’t be available for more work this week.

You should be aware that you are violationg the Terms and Conditions of the OVH contract. Specifically under the "Customer Obligations section IV’

Customer is prohibited from using or allowing the Services to be used for any intrusive activity or any intrusion attempts (including, but not limited to port scans, sniffing, spoofing), and any activity or contentious behavior such as traffic exchanging (Hitleap, Jingling), Black Hat SEO (downloading and uploading videos from and to online gaming platforms), crypto-currency mining, video game bots, etc. Anonymization services or public proxy (including VPN, Tor, P2P, IRC) and cardsharing (CCCam or equivalent) are not permitted on the Services.

You are running the risk of being provided with a serious bill for non-allowed use of their infrastructure



Is plotting the same as mining?
I’d say not.

You can play semantics, but the ToS will slap you non the less. Do you really think those hosters are going to let you trash their SSD’s and let you get away with it?

Plotting is mining, even worse than e.g. typical CPU mining.

Harvesting is ‘farming’ if you want.


I’m not doing it, so Im not going to dig through the terms.

But mining would need to be defined in such a way as to include production of things that could be used to mine.

Mining, and production of things to mine are clearly different by definition.

Anyhow, don’t want to bicker over it, just sharing my opinion.

The semantic argument of mining vs plotting is pretty irrelevant, they’d treat you as if you were deliberately damaging their property (SSDs) - a sufficiently motivated legal team could turn that into a criminal charge rather than a breach of contract terms - although far more likely they’d just bill you the retail cost of anything they’d determined you’d damaged, and then set a collections agency on you and leave you to argue the semantics with them.

In the UK at least:

Criminal Damage Act 1971 - A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another, intending to destroy or damage any such property, or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged, shall be guilty of an offence.

Well, so long as you don’t contract with the collection agency they would have no legal way to get the money from you, but were getting of topic.

Enjoy your day.

At the very least they’ll terminate your service whatever the contract says - and if they felt it worth pursuing a criminal (or civil) damage claim, you don’t have to agree to contract with a court that has jurisdiction over you, and if you still insisted in not paying damages ascertained by a court, it would make the rest of your life extremely difficult.

I will.

This only applies to the American branch of OVH, mining on European and Canadian accounts is not forbidden, so don’t mislead people.

See the differences in the fourth section for the Canadian division for example:

As with any service, you are responsible for damage to the company’s equipment or if your actions are illegal (SPAM violation of copyright, Attack, Phishing, illegal content, DoS PortScan). As for the damage, OVH servers are pre-installed with server-class SSDs, in addition, combined into a raid array, they are designed for such loads.

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Orders are fully scheduled for the month ahead, so the topic is no longer relevant.