2 Chia Keys - 10 nft plots each - BUT when i created them i set both (key 1 and 2) only the key 1 public farmer key

I did this just to understand better how it works and help other understanding.

First of all sorry for the long post. Its my first one. An also for my english :slight_smile:

I will expand what i wrote in the title

I always had difficulties to understand how the farmer key, pools, and pool contract key relate to each other.

From several tests what i could understand is that when creating NFT PLOTS, these are tied to both, farmer key and pool contract key. So if i create another NFT POOL within the same key, that will work as a completely different enviroment; and you won´t be able to move NFT PLOTS to different NFT POOLS within your key (Just change the pool within the same NFT POOL contract key). In short, if i would like to create 10 plots with 10 different pool contract keys (NFT POOLS) and i want to keep those 10 plots for whatever reason, i will have to keep those 10 NFT POOLS in that key. Am i correct so far?

With this idea in mind, i created 2 Chia Keys. The first one i created 10 NFT PLOTS (with its corresponding farmer key and pool contract key)
The second Chia key i also creates 10 NFT PLOTS with its farmer key BUT i selected the pool contract key of the FIRST Chia key. This NFT PLOTS are something weird as they would be tied to 2 different Chia keys so to speak

At first sight when i open the Chia Blockchain (with both keys already in) i see both NFT POOLS; both say pooling with 10 NFT PLOTS each

Here comes my questions

1 Are both NFT POOLS farming and sending rewards to the first key? or 10 NFT PLOTS farm to the first Key and the other 10 NFT PLOTS farm to the second key?

2 From the second Chia key point of view those plots are useless. They will never be able to farm to itself, as those NFT PLOTS are tied to the FIRST Chia farmer key correct?

3 From the First Chia Key, i see the NFT POOL of the SECOND key but it says “plot NFT is assigned to a different key”. So the first key can´t do anything to manage those plots, just recieve its rewards as… lets say a gift from the SECOND key until someone decides to delete those NFT PLOTS (that are tied to First farmer key and Second Pool contract Key)

4 Lets say that i want build a CHIA farm to an investor and i also need to keep that farm in my house because the investor knows nothing about cryptos. At this point we know that we shouldnt run 2 full nodes on the same network.
If i would like to keep his farm separated from mine to have a better view of how each one of them perform, how much chia they farm, etc, the best option is to have 2 internet providers right?

5 following question 4: If i decide to just have 1 internet provider, what would be a better solution:
a_To create just 1 key with 2 NFT POOLS and plot his HDDs with the second NFT POOL (the first one is mine)
b_ To create 2 Keys within the same full node both with its own NFT POOL

Im not sure about option B as i dont know it both keys will farm to its corresponding wallet or if both keys will farm to the xch reward address in the config.yaml

6 Following the last sentence. shouldn´t all xch reward addresses be in that config.yaml file; i mean its kinda confussing. Lets say i have 10 keys on my pc, i really dont know whether if they are all farming to their corresponding reward address or if they are farming to that xch reward address in the config.yaml. What is it´s purpouse being there and not all the other reward addresses

Thanks for reading!!


This could an issue I’d imagine, if you logged in from gui with your second set of keys, but plotted to a nft in your first set of keys you have already broken the rule that plots are tied to both sets of keys.

I dont know of anyone who has done this so have no clue.

Just create them their own nft under your first key. But you would need to manually add the .25 to their 1.75 reward.


Do this IMO.

You can only have certain payout keys in config.yaml afaik.

  1. For og plots.
  2. For .25 pool reward ( all nft, not per nft afaik)
  3. Another for each nft. Receives the 1.75.

You would know which person minted the block, as the 1.75 reward has to be manually claimed via the winning nft from the nft itself. ( if your using gui )

Do not create more than 25 keys ( even nft key pairs )within 1 wallet or you may face serious problems.

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Thank for your help Bones

Lets say i have my main Chia farm. Then i add a 2nd Chia key and create NFT plots for this new chia key.
After i start Chia Blockchain and log in the second chia key (the new one), i check the config.yaml and i see that the xch target address is that of the First chia key, not the new one. I still dont understand if my chia rewards for the second key go to its own wallet (the new one) or if they go to that one in the config.yaml

Those 17 plots have the farmer public key or the current logged key but as you can see they are pooling in a NFT POOL of the second key and they seem to be earning points. I cant tell which key is gonna get paid for those points. Is the NFT POOL going to send XCH to the wallet with the POOL contract key the plots were created for or will it send the XCH to the wallet with the farmer key of which plots were created for.
I cant verify this yet as i have to earn 0.01 for the pool to send the XCH

Dont ask me why i´m doing this. I´m just curious about the results and also helped me understanding the process

I’ll read tomorrow, afk for tonight.

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I dont know anyone who did this before, so can only give a best guess, but I’ll explain how I came to my conclusion.

If you look at the bottom of the nft, it says " this plot nft is assigned to a different key. You can make plots for this nft but you can not make changes"

So I don’t think this key has any control, including where the xch would go.

I think they will always go to the one in config.yaml.
So ot looks like all rewards will go to same address.

The nft controls payout address, and you plotted from 2 keys to one nft, so I feel sure all payments must go to that one address .

If you want 2 payout addresses, you want 2 nft’s.

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So i have to manually change the xch target address in the config.yaml if what i want is to switch from 1 wallet to the other.
The best current solution for having 2 separate xch payments is to create 2 NFT Pools for 1 Chia Key

If that is the case then what is the point of the plots being tied to a farmer key if it is the NFT that controls what can be done with the plot and where the reward will go to.

It would be simpler to just have the Pool contract key when creating the plots. Although now i came to realize what would happen if i switch to solo farming. Does a solo farming NFT Pool have a pool contract key or just a farming key. Maybe the plots are tied to these 2 keys to allow farmers decide whether they want to farm in a pool or solo. I´m just guessing now

Anyway, thank you. If i come across with something i will write here