2 months passed at solo farming still no drop 506 TiB i got

2 months ago nearly 4-8 chia was dropping every month with no problem via solo farming. But nothing dropped for 2 months… Zero XCH What is the problem?

I got 506 TiB total. 5 ghz wifi connection at harvester. Please help. Wifi prevents dropping?

It just takes time, got a block at the end of Nov and one just a couple of days ago.

Wifi should be fine, a lot of us are on wifi and farm ok (although running an ethernet cable instead can be a good troubleshooting tool, a couple of us have done that to eliminate suspected issues). In your case there doesn’t sound like network issues (especially if you can see your plots passing the plots filter and node is staying synced.

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i used to hit the ~4 blocks on average while pooling…last two months pretty much dead. I have got two blocks now.

Netspace still declines. It looks like some bug…my node says “wallet 200MiB upload”…after using offers, I have got double spend warnings, and 80% of my wallet is unusable.