2 Nodes on 2 computers 1 Pool

Hi, officially supported pools are new and I used to have the following setup (TLDR 2 machines plotting with the same key):
A Desktop that is running a chia node, plotting and farming
A laptop that is also running a chia node, plotting (slowly)
they both use the same key, so I have been able to take the plots made by my laptop and add them to the Desktop’s farm. the end game is to fill all of my big HDDs and then just farm on laptop while the PC can move on to other things.

Now that the new relase is up, I have updated my Dektop’s node and joined a pool and now plotting. Then I updated the laptop’s node and expected to find the pool in the Pool tab, but it wasn’t there. I could join it again from the laptop, but is that safe? am I breaking any rules? what’s the proper way of doing this?
The laptop isn’t doing anything atm, just keeping synced.

I remember reading somewhere in either the release notes or the wiki guide that if you dont see the nft in you wallet, delete the wallet db files, and restart the gui to have the wallet resync.
It should be there ads the nft is on the blockchain so in the end you should see it in any machine running the same pvt key.

You can also make a new nft, and join the same pool with that one, no problem but you will be plottinvg two different plots

Wait for the laptop to sync, the NFT will appear. NFTs are saved in the blockchain so if you have same key for two or more computers the NFT will appear in all computers when Chia is in sync.

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I had the same issue, hope this helps

It is synced for a day now and the pool still doesn’t show up. Speaking of syncing, both systems started showing disconnection behavior. they sync for few hours and “not synced” for few hours. this started ever since the update. Anyone else facing this issue?

oh i’ll try that then

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Hi, did this work for you ? If not, did you find another solution that work ? I have same issue.