2 NVME but only one plot?

Hello, I got my setup

Ryzen 9 5900X with 32gb DDR4 3600MHZ and 2x sabrent 2TB with 5000mb/s read and write 4400mb/s

Mother board gigabyte x570 aorus ultra

Bug when I put in parallel with 6 plots only one NVME work and the second don’t do nothing .
the NVME who work do between 85.6mb/s to 450mb/s in read and 100mb/s to 1.2gb/s in write

How to enable the second nvme?

thanks a lot

They’re two separate disks, you either have to combine them in a RAID0 or similar, or put half your jobs on one drive and half on the otther.

Ok thanks, and how much plot you think i can do ? 12 in parallère with this config?

This is very similar to my setup. Check here:

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ok thanks i go read on your site :slight_smile:

I did, what you make on your guide:

  • 6 on one NVME with the default settings
  • 6 in queue with 45 minutes delays

It’s start to plot 6 + 1 then the 5 others sometimes later

Finnaly it’s plotting about 6h30 and I am only a 30% for 10 plots and 2 at 21%

and When I check windows perf:

  • NVME 1 don’t go faster than 250mb/s in writing and reading
  • NVME2 don’t go more than 200mb/s - 350mb/in W/R sometimes with some pic to 1gb/s

Why you chose 40 minutes delay between them because me my first phase took like 2h40 with 4 plots in parallele ?

I had it longer before but shortened it for two reasons. One, the first set of plotters was nearly finishing a plot when the sixth set was about to start. Two, robocopy can still copy out two plot files before another two land.

ok I start it now with robocopy:
4 threats with 2400gb ram and 40 minutes delay to see because we have similar config and I really like your blog (only things my english is not good) but i read many times

Yes, let me know how it goes. If it ends up not working for you, I would like to know so we can figure out what the difference is.

this is a very useful resource. thanks for posting it.

i have one question, sorry if it’s obvious. when determining the amount of RAM to allocate to the plotters, why do you reserve 4GB out of the total 32GB?

Its so that the plotters don’t hit the swap file. I don’t understand the windows virtual memory system enough to know when it starts using it and when it doesn’t. So 4GB is enough for me not to worry about it.

I thought I replied to your direct post…but it looks like I didn’t hit the right button.

so it’s works :slight_smile: perfectly 2 first plot in 9hours when i do your stuff then the others came very good job man