2 pc one for plotting and other for final plot

If I had 2 pc one to performing the plotting and the second where I put the final plot , I should install the chia blockchain on both pc?
Other question is about usb external hd, If I use that to save final plot and I want to move it to other pc what I have to do?
thank yuo

You need to install Chia application but you don’t need blockchain in the plotter machine. You can run

chia plots create ...

command from the command line to create your plots.

With regards to moving to the other machine: They are simply files. You can carry them just like any other files. Just make sure you use the same key in both machines.

thank you for the answer.
from what comand line I have to run that comand?
fot the second question after I move the file to other pc How can I make recognize them as chia plots?

Here’s a good reference for command line: CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

In the farming machine you’re going to add folders for your plots. After that if you manually copy a .plot file into one of those folders it should recognise the file.

you can install gui on both PC’s, but

On the PC you gonna have the plots farming 24/7 run GUI normally.

On the PC you gonna create the plots. you install GUI, login with your 24 works pass, then exit GUI and follow the CLI-Commands-Reference like durin said.

since you created the plots with same keys, you can save them in a external HDD’s and plug it in the plots PC (in gui you need to had the new plot directory and refresh)


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