2 x NAS or 2 different rigs

So, I have my first farm up and running. It’s a HP 800 G2, with a 512GB SSD for Ubuntu and a 512GB M2 running temporary plot. The farming is done on a Synology NAS with 5 x 12TB drives.

When I cleaned out my sorage, I found another NAS and some spare 6TB drives. Should I use the same plotting machine for that one, or build another. IE: 2 plots for 2 NAS, or same plot for 2 NAS?

If you can install chia on the nas devices and run harvesters, they would efficiently work with your single rig. A bad choice would be farming over the network: a lot of i/o and LAN congestion.

In the long run to scale though, you should have a dedicated rig for farmer (the only one in your network). It should not be plotting.

The Synology NAS didn’t allow me to instal Chia, haven’t checked with the HP one yet. But. if they don’t allow me to, should I use same plot-machine for both NAS or 1 for each?

It all depends on how you have your network setup. I have dedicated harvesters for each NAS but they are all running on the same computer as individual Linux VM’s. Each NAS has two network connections. One network for plotting and one for farming. I am currently farming 6000 plots over 4 devices. All of them are over the network and I have no problems. Response times are below half a second on all. What you don’t want to do is try to harvest multiple remove devices on the same harvester. For some reason, the causes issues.

Cool, then the answer to OP is both NAS can be used by the same farmer, or if you have 2 farmers on the network, each farmer should be using one exclusively

That’s pretty cool, wouldn’t have though of that :slight_smile:

Well, actually, we all went a little off topic. His original question was whether he should build a second plotter, not farmer or harvester.

To answer that question, it all depends on what he wants. How fast does he want to fill his drives? You can accomplish filling the space with just one plotter. It will just take longer.

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