200 Plots for pooling good enough?

Hi! Just started chia a month ago and found out that solo is really hard for this amount of plots. Now im wondering if 200plots good enough for me to continue farming chia on pooling and earn decent amount or just stop and just sell the rig. Sorry for the english.

Honestly? Depends on what you mean with “decent amount”. 200 plots isnt much, but in a pool it’ll give you some part back at least.

I’d go for a smaller pool with bigger payouts, even if they are not as often.

In theory it makes very little difference in a long timeframe. You either get a little chia here and there or a great big 2xch very infrequently (with 200 plots). Whether its worth your investment is only possible to say based on today’s price, so the answer is probably not worth it as of today, but in the future we are all betting on xch being worth a lot more.

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