2022 July soft fork - upgrade now

Some 20% of nodes still have not upgraded to 1.3 and will split from the network in the next few weeks.


And what is your source for that?

you can check the info in this dashboard:

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Chia’s farmers simply need to upgrade to version 1.3. What are the consequences of not upgrading? Let’s say you don’t upgrade before block 2,300,000. The next time you farm a block, if there is a coin spend in the mempool that uses negative division, your node will accept the invalid spend and add it to the block you are creating. Other farmers will reject your block, and you’ll lose your block reward. Please make sure to upgrade your farming nodes to version 1.3 or newer before July 22.


All things considered, this is a minor change to Chia’s consensus. However, we wanted to ensure that coins that could yield unpredictable results were not allowed. After version 1.3 is released, we recommend that you upgrade all of your machines as soon as is convenient.


Here is a snippet of the charts from the dashboard provided by Chia (the link that @Nitsuga provided).

If you add up all the 1.3+ versions, the people still needing to upgrade is 23%.


SO you will still farm and be on the same network and can also confirm blocks…
but IF the block you confirm happens to have a negative division (Very low chances right? It hasn’t even occurred on the network yet I think) , then that specific block will be rejected? But you can stil keep farming away making more blocks

That Chia CLI needs a MOTD…

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You can bet some people are going to include negative divisions all of a sudden as soon as the fork happens.


Does anyone know if there is a more specific date to upgrade ?

Or is it after 23:59 on 30th June ? Time might be an issue for me to get it done by the end of June.

If you check the document that @Fuzeguy posted, the fork is not date based, but rather height based:

Once Chia’s blockchain reaches a height of 2,300,000 (around July 22, 2022), all nodes running version 1.3 or greater will reject all spends which attempt to use the div operator for negative division.

Basically, if a new dust storm hits tomorrow, day after that we will have the fork.

Check the post below. Info in this post is garbage.

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I don’t think a dust storm has any effect on the block creation time


I stand corrected! You are absolutely right.


Thanks. This should give me more than enough time to update all my systems.

Looks like 400pb did not bother to upgrade?