20TB drives are here?

Just got an email from Seagate with the announcement. Any guesses on retail prices? :flushed:

Little rich for my taste, but sweet nonetheless!

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No kidding!! ~$35/TB!!

Agreed, I try to never pay more than ~1/2 that exorbitant price/tb. I’m guessing you buy in qty and best pricing, whereas I by 1s & 2s, and used to boot.

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Exos X18 are a great deal right now, almost $20/TB before taxes.
I just dollar cost average them every month and slowly plot. Not looking at smaller drives, aiming at high density at reasonable price.


I’ll be on the lookout for cheaper 12TB-18TB drives then :shushing_face:

Yeah anything much lower than 12TB you start running into the issue of your electrical costs slowly chipping away at your initial cost per TB savings.

7W here, 7W there starts adding up very quickly.

Add 10 of these to your shopping cart:


No noise, probably very energy efficient, and cost more than many cars.

I contacted them, looking for bulk.
They said they won’t sell to me, and I must go through a distributor.

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Can we form a “chia distributor” then? :slight_smile:

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Kudos to them, at least they support their channel, and they give new product. I used to be in the channel and being undersold @retail or direct sucks.

I didn’t even pursue it, not sure how to become an official distributor.

@Fuzeguy yes, I see why they do it, they advised if using amazon only to use amazon itself or else you won’t get a warranty.

To easy for an amazon seller to just shut shop and stiff you.

Seagate sells on Amazon directly as seller named “HyperHawk”. Approximately before July they were named SkyHawk (dunno why). But I’ve been buying from this merchant every month and they ship from Seagate distribution center

Ah, they didn’t tell me that, thanks.

Hmm, where did you get this info from pls.
They aren’t listed as official distributors or resellers.
Just amazon themselves which matches up with what seagate told me.
Seagate advised using that link.

I saw an ad 2 weeks ago for some 20TB drives, over $600.00 not now, maybe it will drive down the price of 18TB.

Now this is what I need, 4 of these and I’m good…

I read this info from reviews on Amazon. I can corroborate this by the fact that shipping label From address had Seagate company on it. If you are interested, I can look it up and post the actual address.

No ta, they’re not on that list.
I’ll assume they are a reseller but not a official one, being as that contradicts what seagate told me and what their site says.