20TB drives for Syba 8-bay enclosure?

Some good info coming…

I have used WD and Seagate 18TB disk with no problem. But no 20Tb yet, still in snail-mail

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I use Icybox 10 bay enclosure, takes any sized disks

Did you wipe out Amazon? Amazon.com: Icybox IB-3810u3 10-Bay External Single System for 10 x SATA 3.5-Inch : Electronics
Found another site , but $528.76 big lunch money…

Hey Seymour… yes I have seven Syba 8-bays and a couple 4-bays (IOQuest is the same, just dif name). They are the bomb, quiet, easy to use, and esp. how you can move disks around as trays are universal. I take the trays w/disk out to connect to SATA on my plotter plot, then simply slide them back in to the Syba to farm.

As far as disk size, I have used everything from 14TB to 22TB, WD & Seagate. All are fine. The only issue I has a long while ago was overloading the PS from using all Seagate’s as they use more power than WD. Maybe I had a drive that was out of spec or something. This issue has never reappeared, but I use a mix of WD and MDD and Seagate now anyway. Looking fwd to putting some 30TB drives in there one day.

Lately I been using MDD drives, 22TBs, before that 20TBs. All good. They are cheap, fast, quiet, and have exemplary RMA experience. I had an issue w/one, resolved quickly, personal service, with no hassles. 1000% dif from you know who and that ordeal they put you through.

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@seymour.krelborn Good Tuesday morning info…

One more thing. Syba’s RMA process is great as well. Had a defective one, replaced promptly as well w/ a new unit, no hassles.


I had purchased a low priced 8-bay unit from eBay.
It ended up having power issues, after 5 or 6 bays were loaded.

I contacted Syba’s customer support, and they were very helpful.

However, they sent me a form to fill out, that was not clear.
For example, there was a field for the unit’s serial number. I spent too much time searching for that serial number, because those cases have no serial numbers. Argh!

After I had them narrow down what info they needed on their RMA form, it was painless.

I will not be purchasing any more units from eBay.

You may have just been unlucky, somebody was selling an 8-bay for parts untested, the person said there is nobody to test it. So I picked it up, it just needed a power cord and USB 3.0 cable, it works just fine. Nobody tests things anymore, their loss.
I’ll jump on the next one from silly people, this even had a return date.


Why not using old SAS array? It is cheaper. Talking about “housing” cost for one hard drive. That Syba thing is about $25 a house.

And where should somebody buy a SAS array? I just showed up I bought that 8-bay for $37.00 and it just needed a power cord and USB 3.0 cable (Amazom $6.00).

:rofl: That’s just to keep you on your toes! I even took the cover off to see if there was a SN inside. Nope!

But of course they didn’t care and just RMAed mine, then replaced w/ a new one.

That RMA form looked like 1995…

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Well, $25/drive if you buy full price. Who would do that?? :man_shrugging: My last was one worked out to be $3.50/drive…that was decent!! Anyway, they are quiet, simple to connect and provide very easy access w/trays wo/having to source hi-capacity SAS drives at reasonable cost.

I believe that SAS controllers work with SAS drives, and also with SATA drives.
Is there anything different, for physically mounting one or the other?

I think most bros here pay full price. $200 for that SYBA 8 bay.

Most of us don’t have time to scan eBay every 10 minutes for a deal.

One used 15 bay EMC array is <$150. It can take either SATA or SAS. Used SAS hard drive is cheaper comparing to similar capacity SATA.

SAS controller is $30 for a better one, connecting 256 hard drives.

No as far as I know. Just the drive itself and controller and often the cable…and of course you can just use SATA drives as well on a SAS Adpt. They are fine to use if you have them and can easily get SAS drives u want.

USB was just easy to start small, the grow incrementally at low cost. The quiet non-descript look of the 8-bays blends well in a home… important so wife doesn’t give me any SAS about hdw looking like computer room at work :sweat_smile:

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i belive cheapest way is mine.
i just run raid card with 16 port.
some hard drives stay on ground. lol

SAS controllers USUALLY work with SATA drives.
There are a few old ones that have issues, but they are normally considered to be controllers that didn’t FULLY meet the SAS specification and should be avoided.

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