21 000 000 chia coins out of 46 000 000 were prefarmed.What do you think of it?

21 000 000 chia oins out of 46 000 000 was prefarmed.We are kindly given the opportunity to harvest another 25 000 000. https://xchforks.com/

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I think that Chia brought us a Proof of Space and Time and a coin that is actually on an exchange. The price we farmers paid for this was a 21 million pre-farm.

I knew the pre-farm numbers on day one. I am still showing to make a long term profit if Chia itself survives. I wont bother to complain now about the reality I chose to join.

If you hope/believe that Proof of space and time has long term value and are willing to wait an unknown length of time for an exchange listed POST coin with a small pre-farm then you must look to the POST forks.

Flax is IMO the best fork so far and the only one I am farming.
Chaingreen is in the running but has had too many problems. CGN may survive and prosper but I have my doubts.

https://xchforks.com/ has a good rundown of most of the forks.

Be well!


If you want a fair launch with no pre-mine, ICO, or other funny business check out Bitcoin or Ravencoin.

On principle, I am a fair launch PoW man myself. However, I am open to new models and Chia is definitely a very different model. I am excited to see what the team can do. It’s on them and the community to make something great.

To evaluate the pre-farm you have to evaluate the competency and integrity of the Chia team. Are they able to do something amazing with pre-farm? Are they morally strong enough and financially backed well enough… to not rug pull?

I think so. But we must all make that calculation. The pre-farm isn’t a secret.

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I don’t think about it. It’s a FACT you can’t do anything about it. Just continue with your life and farm.


I feel Bram and Co is feeling a little too ENTITLED

There are lots of things that will affect the success of Chia. Prefarm isn’t one of them.

I can’t wait until next week, when someone brings it up again, like they’ve uncovered a secret :slight_smile:

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If all of it isn’t in the form of public airdrops then pre-farming is unethical.

I’m looking forward to seeing the use cases plus the first handful of projects that run on top of the blockchain. For instance, Solana* (SOL) is one of the fastest blockchains but faster isn’t always what gets you into the Top 10 crypto coins by market cap. Plus, a graphical easy to read road map will help, along with discovering the use cases, and broader adoption is what matters most to me.

But eventually, reading the red herring once filed with the SEC will shed some light…on if and when the Chia Team proceeds/follows thru with their previously communication IPO desires for the overall project. The ~46% prefarmed Chia coins most likely needs to be addressed in that filing and/or the executive summary section.

Only time will tell ultimately! Until then I’m willing to allocate ~182TB HDD storage space initially.