21Chia pool joins Chiahub.io: airdrops and perks

Hi everyone!

I have a big announcement today: 21Chia is joining Chiahub.io. We’re merging with them to become a bigger and stronger pool. I will be part of the team at Chiahub and you can be confident things will keep running just as smoothly as they have so far. Chiahub.io has a talented, bigger team that can provide quick support and they are in this for the long term, with the stability and backing of a legal company in the EU.

The fee will still be 0% at least until the end of 2021 – and there are very few pools left still at 0% fee. Farmers from 21Chia who join and stay for at least 30 days will enjoy some special perks like a 0.005XCH reward, and there are also frequent random airdrops. The Chiahub.io community is huge on Discord and will give you a warm welcome; you can expect much more activity there. Also, with the new pool being more than triple our size, you can expect more frequent blocks.

Like I mentioned before, Chiahub.io has a long-term focus and they’re still growing. Chiamine pool already merged with Chiahub, and their members have been pretty happy about the result; I expect the merger with 21Chia will be just as successful. 21Chia pool and its Discord will keep running for the next 30 days. At the end of that period, all pending balances will be paid out, no matter how small. I recommend you move to the Chiahub.io servers asap, so you catch all the airdrops!

Thank you all for having trusted 21Chia so far, and happy farming!

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Care to explain this …

Address on website of the company is a restaurant according tripadvisor ?

Screenshot - 2021-10-11T163251.505

Website of the restaurant: https://www.liebsteinsky.at/

Checking financial records at Austria of the company Cryptico Gmbh gives a different address than listed on the website. (p/a = per address , so not the companies address also)

Screenshot - 2021-10-11T163224.423

Which is another issue then, who is Wolf Theiss then… as it’s nowhere mentioned in the teams page.

Now Wolf Theiss seems to be a law office which in my opinion most of us can’t afford even looking at the list of customers they hold.

Anyway always possible but that imprint needs a serious update… as for now it doesn’t give anything of value …


not affiliated in any way with chiahub, cryptico, 21chia. i just happen to live in vienna, austria.

the address (schubertring 6) which is shown on the imprint, is a historic building in a prime location in the center of vienna. at the ground floor, there’s a wine bar (liebsteinsky) in that building. however, there are also offices in the same building.

also in that building: the headquarters of wolf theiss, which is one of the leading law firms in austria.

the company behind chiahub is cryptico gmbh, as per their imprint. if instead of a third party website you check the actual commercial register for cryptico’s registration number (FN 562498d), you’ll find that the “p.A.” address you cite is wolf theiss filing cryptico’s registration. and that cryptico’s address of correspondence is at their legal representation, which is wolf theiss. having your company’s address of correspondence point to your law firm’s is not that uncommon for companies in legally sensitive areas of business.

that said, it is unlikely that cryptico’s/chiahub’s offices are at schubertring 6. if they even have offices at all. given the sector they are in, it’s quite likely that they are a 100% remote company. but they are a properly registered company in austria and there’s nothing particularly fishy about their address of correspondence.


This is some Bush-did-911 style journalism right here.

21Chia and Chiahub are both perfectly fine with no reason to be suspicious from what I understand.


Applaud how closely you’ve looked into this. Though from the reply it seems like its not absolute evidence and thechiaplot vouched for them which says a lot.

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I don’t know that I vouch for them, depending on what that means to people. But I’ve seen no evidence of dishonesty from either of them and I’ve pooled with both.


Do you take OG plots?

Sorry, only portable plots

My point is different hence I always try to do some DD on whatever crypto related, I got burned more than once and I agree that well I can sound negative.

Take into account the whole pool and merged pools, at what 1% fee … so a couple of $100’s profit/month with what looks like me an expensive setup… the setup doesn’t fit with the profit margin … and there is more but up to you to go check team profiles etc … I gonna give up giving my minor DD if people just don’t want to do their own DD… and say their own concerns

So for me the long run … doubtful but always possible as mentioned prior

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I like your reply. Everything should be checked carefully because there are too many scams in cryptocurrency domain.

Yo, +1 legal company, as I know, it’s not plenty of them so that’s cool!