21Chia pool launch

We’re preparing our pool for the imminent pooled mining launch. Join at our website https://21chia.com and enjoy 0% fees for life if you farm in the first week with us!

We are software engineers and we have experience from the 2013-2014 gold rush, when we ran BTC, LTC, Doge, Darkcoin(now dash), Vertcoin, Auroracoin, Maxcoin and more pools, some of them at launch in quite chaotic situations.



What’s devs do you have on your team?

I am the main dev, feel free to contact me at my username at protonmail.com if you have any questions.

We’re also getting an affordable plotting service ready. You’ll be able to pay with credit cards and you’ll get 0% fee on our pool if you order plots from us.

hey, when is this pool launching? And how will it work? I’ve already joined the website and have an old laptop i could use

Today the Chia devs pushed new code that should be more or less functional for pooled mining. We’ll be launching a testnet pool tomorrow, ourselves. Contact me if you want to join (you’ll need to get a certain chia branch from the github repo and sync with testnet).

They didn’t give us any dates w.r.t a mainnet launch but there isn’t a lot of functionality missing and we just need to test what’s implemented. My guess is within two weeks pooled mining could be launched on mainnet.


sure, just tell me how to contact you and what software i will need

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Hey there, i´m interested too. Would be nice if i can get some infos about software etc.

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Ok, here’s what you need:

  1. You need to checkout this branch: pools.testnet9, from the GitHub - Chia-Network/chia-blockchain: Chia blockchain python implementation (full node, farmer, harvester, timelord, and wallet) repository. (git checkout pools.dev ; git pull)

  2. Once you have that version of chia installed, you need to synchronize with testnet9. Make sure to be on testnet by doing export CHIA_ROOT="~/.chia/testnet9" and chia configure --testnet true.

  3. Create some keys and get some chia from me

  4. And then you can finally create a plot nft with chia plotnft create -u https://testpool.21chia.com, it will ask you which wallet to use if you have several and it will show the pool info and ask you if you’re sure.

  5. Do chia plotnft show and take note of your “P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting)”, that’s the address you’ll need to create plots

  6. Now you can make plots tied to the nft you just created with chia plots create using option -c instead of -p. Put the P2 singleton address there after option -c

  7. Farm your plots

Demo here for steps 4-6: Chia Pools for Pool Operators - YouTube

Let me know how it goes.

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Full disclosure I am a competing pool operator.

I’d suggest farmers be very careful giving out their credit card info online. For some reason people go through their whole lives being taught about scams then suddenly they get into crypto and they fall for the most obvious ones.

Good pools are not free, pool devs+servers are expensive. This pool may be legitimate but I don’t see how a no-fee model that relies on selling plotting services can be sustainable long term. You’d get a large influx of money at the start but 0 at the end.

I also note that they mention having run other pools but fail to state the names of those pools or open a pool under the same brand. As well, most of the links on their website do not work.

I hope the 21Chia devs can answer these questions which likely echo the concerns many have reading their post and website which will help them better attract members and reduce their fears.


Do you perhaps also have a testnet7 ip:port that can be used to start syncing?

I took it to mean there are 0 fees for life only for people who sign up in the first week. Still the website doesn’t instill much confidence.

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Try these nodes and introducers,,,,,,,,,
chia show -a dns-introducer.chia.net:58444
chia show -a introducer-va.chia.net:58444

I saw this on another post and I assume its their business model as a 0 feel pool can’t last.

Blockquote We’re also getting an affordable plotting service ready. You’ll be able to pay with credit cards and you’ll get 0% fee on our pool if you order plots from us.

Hi Chris, I’m glad I have the chance to dispel some doubts sooner rather than later. We offer 0 fees for life to those who join early as an incentive in order to grow fast. In the long term we’ll be charging a small fee (0.5%, for example) to the rest of the miners that will join as the network grows in size.

How much we charge depends on the payment scheme too, I think that in order to keep the implementation simple we will do proportional payouts in the beginning, but if our farmers want some form of PPS we might use slightly higher fees, it depends. We’ll ask the community and decide based on their input.

We used to run Crunchpool in 2013-2015. There’s no value in the brand name since it’s long dead. That’s why we chose something simple and Chia-related like 21Chia.com

Regarding payments for plotting services, we already use Stripe as a payment processor for selling other kinds of products and services, so you wouldn’t just send us your credit card data… In any case our plotting service is delayed while we focus on the pool. We may offer plots for free or very cheap to early miners on our pool, though, so stay tuned for that.

Apologies for the barren website we have now. We intend to add some guides and a news section soon.



Great answers :smiley: Thanks!


Thanks for that!
I’m looking into pools and will most likely join one that allows early testing, communicates well any issues and is transparent. I’ve been working in embedded cryptography and security for years now but I don’t have the devops experience to run my own pool but I have currently almost 200TiB of space and it’s growing.

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ill be sure to try that today

We’ve mined 3 blocks on testnet already. But I think the rewards claiming is not implemented yet, so the pool doesn’t take the reward from the singleton and as a result it can’t distribute payouts yet.

Are you sure you’re not farming TXCH? Wouldn’t that be a bummer… haha
I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your progress though… Anyone that is willing to offer me free anything before knowing their costs are a business I want to do business with…