21Chia pool launch

Yes, we’re farming on the testnet. Not real mainet XCH for now.

So if you encourage people to plot to your pool now, aren’t the plots they make basically useless for real XCH? I mean, the plots aren’t convertible…

They are. The singleton used for creating the plots does not exist on mainnet.
But I think the encouragement goes towards people trying out the pool on testnet, not creating farmable plots.

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As you’ve created a singleton already, can you tell me how many chars the P2SingletonAdress has? Is it 96 like the pool and farmers keys or shorter/longer? Would appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

It’s like a regular address, here’s mine:
P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting): txch10etslxjecvlx0svkau43j9fmk9mw7ym7uq2v92wj6z7yzhpcm7esgfladd

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So nothing happens when I click join now! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll notify you when we launch on mainnet and when we have important news :wink: Be patient, real pooled mining is around the corner

ite, when mainet pooled mining is realeased, will we need the same software or anything different. If so, then can you post it here?

All pools which use chia protocol “DO NOT” need anything more than the chia software.

Please advice how to get it running on windows.
Thank you!

That’s great. I am following up 21Chia pool, seems like good option.

oh ok cool, is it just the stuff that the dev listed or is there more stuff needed to mine chia?

I added some 35 k25 plots yesterday and things seemed to be working fine, I was submitting partials and getting points until the pool went down some hours ago. I also farmed 4 blocks, you will likely be able to find the rewards whenever the code to harvest them is available.

What’s your testnet pool url?
I’m ready to start testing my setup.


It’s testpool.21chia.com
Be sure to update to the latest commit in the pools may 25 branch, we’re replotting due to the changes there. Also, be aware we’ll be restarting it as we test changes and it can be offline sometimes -you can keep mining anyway since you are the one building the blocks, not the pool.

Once everything set up, please give us step-by-step guide in 21chia FAQ website. Thanks.

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Will do! we’re preparing some content for the website

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Newbie question, I’ve started using the branch pools.2021-may-25 to join your test-net and have plotted for a few days. What should I do now? How do I verify if things are working as expected? Are the plots portable and usable in the main-net? Will I have to wipe them and replot?

There’s no way yet for you to verify things are working on the pool side, but you can see in your logs whether you’re submitting partials and farming blocks. You’re helping us test the stuff we’re implementing even if you can’t see it, thank you!
You’re one of these farmers I guess (do chia plotnft show and look for launcher id):

launcher_id difficulty points is_pool_member
0f9e7e1aacc95c2bf26e0e58207e52af537d8a1fdee92dcbe0110f0111ce8c11 1 3 1
25f60265145805010f58bceacdc163d3a49fda4f51c2fc8556d2406c26fe2e45 1 3 1
71d3b482c9a969b860068cc0d30f064ea43648c56c1f0a85d7838b663f9a82eb 1 543 1
cbf778c889222b7a682396e71d225006d0d91ce75bfc83178b5d499d50a4fada 378033830 45384977654 1
d3e58cb52a2ccba73e8df613b5851630b75ac94079f98a2e638f2fae4ad6d766 1 70 1

We’ll display information in a user-friendly dashboard eventually, right now we’re taking care of more important stuff under the hood.

The plots you made are not usable on mainnet in any case, you would’ve had to create the nft on mainnet. Even then it’s unlikely to work in the end, since they’re still changing things and modifications in the smart contract would make your plots unusable for other pools.

Actually, you’ll see your current pool points in the GUI I think. The client does use that reply from the pool when you submit a partial.