22,742TB of HDDs for sale


Prices are valid for quantities of 10+, if you are interested in smaller quantities add $ 5 each to the price.

Willing to listen to serious offers

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Are any of these in chassis? How is this setup running?

Also, how much run-time do the HDD’s have, and what type of environment were they running in?

Hey, These were all bought from asset disposition companies, used in data centers. They have not been used for chia mining. All of the drives I have tested have been at 100% health.

The drives are not currently in chassis. The 8TB sas was came from some 90 bay Supermicro JBOD I bought, I do have those along with a variety of other Supermicro chassis available if interested.

Wow that is many hard drive … I like the prices too, but can’t buy any :frowning:

What about larger quantities ? And will you ship to UK ?

I am willing to ship to the UK, I can do as large of quantity as you would like :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM

Hey, I just purchased a large quantity of 10TB drives, available for under $8/TB if purchased in large quantities. let me know if interested.

What kind of prices for the big Supermicro jbods? What gen are they also?

I’ve got 6x 847E1C-R1K28JBOD 44 Bay, and 6x CSE-946ED-R2KJBOD 90 Bay

asking $850 for the 44 bay and $3,300 for the 90 bay