22 TB drives (15 characters)

22 TB drives are on the horizon:

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That’s hot 8). You guys were right, this tech is moving fast. I wonder what the sweet spot will be in the next couple of years (price/TB and if 10/12/14 TB drives are still competitive or if upgrading is mandatory).

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Drive size sweet spot is often ~$300. So 18tbs are around that or less and falling,. 20tbs or better will likely fill that spot soon, so about $15/tb. Upgrading is never mandatory, just sensible. I stopped buying less than 18tb about a yr ago, now shifted to only 20tbs. I still use a few 14/16s, they’re ok for now.

Big drives shrink your farm, electric bill, noise, while allowing more tbs/connection.


Idk if it’s quite time to overlook the 14’s and 16’s yet! There are some AMAZING deals out there that I’m seeing in this class.

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Please provide links.

I mean I’m seeing a pretty standard price on eBay @ about $150/14TB drive… I just bought a 16TB Exos on eBay with full warranty and under 100 hrs runtime for $140 something. I just scan eBay and FB Marketplace and wait.

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22 TB HDDs have been around for a while but mostly were sold B2B-only

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As someone who lives in the UK, this makes me sad :frowning_face:

(obviously happy for my farmer friends in the US!)

Send me some money and I’ll ship you some drives! Lol. How much are you guys paying over there right now per TB?

From what I see, right now, £15 per TB ($17.41 USD) retail (cheapest unless on special sale or similar).

This time last year it was about $14 USD per TB.

If you buy trade in larger numbers these figures go down.

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