239 GiB temp file vs 269 GiB temp file

239 GiB has been listed in many locations as the amount of temp space you need to make a k 32 plot.

After creating a k 32 plot on my computers, I get the following output:

Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.355 GiB
Final File size: 101.362 GiB

What do your logs say?

Is 239 GiB outdated? Is my terminal lying to me?

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I have this same info in my log:

Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.400 GiB
Final File size: 101.386 GiB
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Thank you for corroborating!

I found out that this is a display bug. Its 239GiB. I believe storage_jm also found the same thing.

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Yup, I’m going to run a test, but yeah 239 GiB

All of mine done in win gui are 269.3GiB

It’s a display bug. The log is incorrect.