256 GB enough to plot (with Optane)?

I have a laptop with an NVMe disk with a label on it that reads “16 GB Optane / 256GB NAND

Is this enough to plot if I manage to

  • Run the OS from a thumb drive

  • Add the 16 GB optane memory to the regular disk space?

It should be this big:
16 GB optane = 14.9 GiB
256 GB SSD = 238.419 GiB
total = 253.319 GiB

don’t think so my last plot details that it used much more
“Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.309 GiB”

Actually, I recently found that required temp space is a little less than 250GB. 8 plotters on a 2TB drive works, no stagger


Ah, this is actually a display bug in the plotter log.


Okay, that 256GB SSD won’t do :frowning:

Hm? 256 is more than 250. It should be OK for I plotter.

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I see different opinions. I will just put it to the test. One issue that has come up is that the 16 GB Optane memory are not accessible on a PC that I put the SSD in.

Which means

  • The Optane memory can only be accessed on a PC with Optane support
  • Or I need a driver from Intel for that
  • Or the 16 GB are somewhere on the laptop but not on the SSD

Either way, I’m testing now. The disk shows 238 GiB in diskpart/device manager

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The plot finished successfully on the 238 GiB drive!

The log says Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.332 GiB. It couldn’t have used more than 238 GiB.

It is probably very bad for the endurance to plot on such a small drive though.

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Hi Rob,
I am striving to use my 900p 260GB optane disk for plotting. I am on windows 10, have disabled protection settings in windows, zero’ed the delete buffer, have formatted the drive as NTFS with default allocation size, but still the plot crashes due to “out of space” issue on the 29% (or 30%).
No windows temp in the drive either.

I use chia plot
Could you please share the details on how you configured the drive to allow the plotting?

260gb is just 242GIB so probabaly too small then

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I thought I had updated this thread but apparently I didn’t. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reliably reproduce the results. The first 1-2 plots finished successfully, but after that it kept failing because of disk space.

The mistake was that I put the laptop SSD into a PC. The PC didn’t allow me to access the Optane memory. On the laptop I can break the Optane configuration and the Optane memory will show up as a separate drive with 14 GiB or so.

You’d need to create a combined drive with the regular 238 GiB + 14 GiB Optane. It would probably work. I would try to use Windows dynamic disks or storage spaces.

I use same optane 900p 280gb(260) with madmax plotter and it works fine.