256gb ddr4 memory support setup suggestion


i’m not positive yet if i’d like to compose either server or regular desktop setup.

any reseanable option will be heard. thank you.

p/s by setup i mean CPU + Motherboard and let’s not go nuts in price!

Consumer gear for reasonable price will top out at 128GB on a DDR4 system. There are threadripper systems with more memory channels, but they are expensive.

Easier to find something like Dell R730 with DDR4 2133
A slightly better system - using Intel-based 61XX / 62XX / 63XX processor. You can find them inexpensive, but they need DDR4 2933, which is more pricey.

I don’t know about AMD Epyc systems other than they use DDR4 3200

I have one of these Dell T5810 ( it has 256gb system memory)
Dell Precision T5810 Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz 32GB RAM 256GB SSD DVD-RAM / ROM | eBay

Buy a CPU
SR1XN INTEL CPU Processor Xeon E5-2690 v3 2.60 GHz LGA 2011-3 | | eBay

SAMSUNG 32GB 4DRX4 PC4-2133P-LD0-10-MB1 DDR4 1.2V MEMORY DIMM | eBay

Offer him $30.00 per dimm, he took it from me.

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Buy something you can easily resell. Do you really want 256Gb? 128Gb would make your choice much easier

well yeah but let me ask this. with 128Gb setup i still need nvme drive for 2nd temporary folder. how less usage would it be in compersion to when both temporary folder are on nvme?

Good NVME adapter
Amazon.com: Sintech M.2 nVME SSD to PCI-e 3.0 X4 Adapter Card,Compatible for Adata SX8200,Samsung 960 970 EVO,Crucial P1 SSD : Electronics

Amazon.com: SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Hard Drive, V-NAND Technology, Storage and Memory Expansion for Gaming, Graphics w/ Heat Control, Max Speed, MZ-V7S1T0B/AM : Electronics

why do i need adaper?

Can you tell me your output speed? I just bought a HP Z440 with V4 CPU.

Can T5810 take V4 CPU? Thanks.

Check out X99 boards. For example i have 256gb in a tower on this e-ATX board: HUANANZHI X99 F8D - Nonotree

Does your motherboard have a spot for that NVME SSD chip?

Buy normal consumer stuff, which is easy to resell.

There are allegedly old dual CPU servers for something like 500$, but they have questionable speed ~25min…noisy, big, power hungry…maybe resealable for same price…but you could get full RAM plotting for about <0.1$/plot.

or you can get something like Ryzen 5950X, 128GB + best SSD for something like 500$…~18min plot @ 0.05$/plot.

You can also buy Threadripper if you have enough money, and do not care much about plotting price…<15min/plot for about 5000$

It is all down to your objectives…how many plots…free energy…do you want extra crap at home, or can you use this PC for something else.

I went cheapest way, and fastest ROI


How can we buy it for $500 sir?


From his friends back of the truck :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:


Unless, you plan to plot till PC death - all about costs of ownership/resale value.

I do not like single purpose stuff. I use my workstation, I paid only for SSD…rest is “free” in Chia business.

What sane person invest 30k $ in questionable tech with ROI >10 years, and average HDD failure rate 4 years.

Looks like crypto kids have rich parents with free gear :wink:

I would love one of those $500 5950X boxes with 128GB memory + best SSD. Can you source one for me? Post a link here, no one else will notice - trust me :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I bought a Threadripper. But I didn’t have $5000, or even half that. Did I get ripped off? I still get 15 min plots so I’m confused. What did I do wrong :upside_down_face: ?

Your problems started in nursery where you learnt 1+1=3…from there it just built over years :stuck_out_tongue:

If you buy used PC for 1500$, resell it 2years later for 1300…your plotting price is 200+ssd :wink:

Of course, if you buy single purpose machine for 5000…with questionable resell value…your plotting price is 5000$

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Residual value on used PC components has been pretty wild the last few years. I remember when a 3 year old computer was barely worth selling to your buddy for $80. I still tell the hoarders at work I’m not interested in their Pentium 4 and Core Duo boxes they are giving away :laughing:. Will it hold? If so, that is cheap rental - to finish a job, sell, and move on :nerd_face:.

that was just an example.

I do not buy unnecessary crap. I have a state-of-art workstation…I just pull out GPU because it idles at 100W…install 128GB RAM done…underOC, replace SSD with plotting OS…install SSD…done.

speculating about future is fools game as we have seen in last 2 years…crypto kids had wild dreams that 0 value asset will rise to sky…it makes me wonder what happened ROFL

it is same gamble as buying HDDs now, and hope it will survive 6 years to repay it. Will the halving double price? who knows…will Chia survive? who knows. Observing Chia netspace that is still slowly decline…gamble.

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Ok. All of these are pricish. What would you suggest for ddr3 based system?

get a HP Z420/Z620 (make sure you get the v2 version → has Xeon v2 cpu).
You can find these systems for around 200$. 256 GB DDR3 LRDIMMS (8x32) costs around 200$ (Samsung PC3-12800 32 GB LRDIMM 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory (MEM-DR332L-SL04-LR16) for sale online | eBay)

Get a SATA ssd as boot disk and a NVME as target drive (200$ total)

So for 600$ you have a capable plotter that can host a GPU