3 blocks in a row went to MadMax as fee, what is wrong with my farmer?

Hi madMAx43v3r, I need your help, what I’m doing wrong? Why are all block rewards going to your account? I have a very small farm with C7.

Please help!!! Now I’m worried about this.

It’s completely random so the chance of 3 going to Max in a row is in the realm of probability.

You can use FlexFarmer that sends a % of partials to Max instead of the 0.25 if you want to pay a stable dev fee.

Thanks Chris22 will update to 1.8.0 and make the move and see how it goes

Saying that, the original question still stands, where do you draw the line and what will be the resolution after n wins going to Max and discovering that there was a user error.

I don’t think your answer is helpful, other than trying to scare people to start using FF.

@Videce wait for @madMAx43v3r to chime in.

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There are two ways to use Gigahorse, the one that sends 0.25 randomly to Max and the way that sends a % of partials to him.

Yes FlexFarmer Gigahorse helps gain Flexpool customers, but it has a lower fee than Gigahorse and Flexpool has lower fees than HPool/Space (where most people are). So it’s a win-win there.

So if farmers are unhappy with how the probability has been unlucky or wish to avoid the randomness, there is an alternative.

If they are asking for an alternative method to pay Max, well there is FlexFarmer. Other methods were considered but because they are easier to exploit Max decided against them. The random 0.25 is hard to remove from the client making it the most secure way to protect his fee. (This is my understanding from statements he has made, I do not speak for Max)

I don’t think that those statements apply here, as it was already explicitly expressed by @Videce that he is OK with stated distribution. Still, folks are putting statements into his mouth that were not there.

He is asking Max to look into it, as the odds of what he sees are on the high side. I don’t find his request unreasonable. Gigahorse is a new software, and there is a chance that he hit some glitch. Also, this makes Max aware that the issue was brought up early, in case something needs to be adjusted. The forum can only benefit from one more pair of eyes that will look into it.

Isn’t the whole purpose of this forum to resolve issues like that?

Yes, correct, this is the whole intention, it can happen that for some reason my farmer get stuck paying fees for ever or whatever. I do support Max, he brought solutions and innovation.

what a convenient bug, im sure there is just no way is this by design. couldn’t be. cause you all trust him so so much.
you consider yourself chia farmers… u could all just be pawns in maxs game.
of course it plots faster and of course theres plot compression.
would u use it if it wernt “better” in some way…
max makes the rules. he could be farming with your plots for all anyone knows
and giving you buggy system that just pays him

why people continue to FALL for anything other than chia is beyond me

are poeple just bored.? they cant just set it and forget it.? they just have to go on? Trying to fix problems to stuff that’s not even endorsed by chia

“Help my farm won’t work”
“Are u using just chia”
“No I’m using giga max compressed plots”
“Than why are you even on the chia forum”

This place is ment to be for chia.
And chia alone.

15 minute plots was plenty fast with a cpu.
the only real reson to go faster is just bragging rights…

  1. How many lines of code have you written?
  2. What is your proof?

I am flagging your post as inappropriate, and asking someone else to do that as well.


More plots will fit on your same number of drives, due to compression (or completion-on-the-fly), effectively increasing the size of your farm, and increasing your chances to win.

Faster plotting is also a feature. But the main benefit, as I see it, is having a higher plot count.

I assume you farm with GPU? Then the chance of 3 in a row going to dev fee is 0.25^3 = 0.015625 = 1.56 %, so it will happen to 1 out of 64 users.

But the good news is if you find blocks that fast, it will average out soon enough.


@madMAx43v3r is the fee payout adress public ? In that case it would be easy to prove that there is no bug.

Yes, it’s xch183rqja3f2ak4f72w9enc88v0788vjp5ns3c2n2sctxpcnewzh2yqtcu2rs

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This is wrong, is not a matter of plotting speed, with a C7 your grow your farm in a 35%, either you buy more hardware taking money out of your pocket or pay a fee for his development. In the long run and as my persona calculations, it is worth. Because in both cases you will use power to produce plots. And maybe in the future fee is reduced.

I’m worried to get a mom with Alzheimer’s that kicks my as* every morning because she forgets that she kicks me already. So… do you get my point? Supporting a project doesn’t mean that we belong to it as you are stating.

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I’ll keep it going with no change and keep you guys posted. I know is too soon, let’s see. I’m sure it will go as planned.


this is a so much better way of looking at it. 1 in 64 sounds like pretty likely to happen to pretty much everybody at some point.
1.56% sound like almost no chance. I know it’s the same but it feels very different.

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Just realized that my log file has a lot of this:

Found proof: K = 32, C = 7, is_compressed = True, used_gpu = True, fee_rate = 3.125 %

So, it means that there is a continue fee for every proof + randomly block reward?

No, it just tells you what the average fee target is.

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Well I changed it so I’m not making any accusations. Cause what I said matters. Free speech.

That’s the game here tho huh? Any descending voice you just silence?

The point I make stands, though.
Non of you have gone through code base or you’d be as shook as me.
I can’t point out a flaw there are too many.
I just flored that it “works” tbh.
But y’all have no idea.

Why would chia, green ol chia. Invent a way to make itself not green. And then pass that around.
Because it never did.
Mad max cpu plotter was the only thing truly endorse by chia.

Everyone’s just way way way off the rails. And someone should start slapping fools. Knockin sence into people.

Just because I say something that challenges ur own PERSONAL beliefs on how the world works doesn’t mean u should ban my speech for MY personal believes.

Increasing your farm for mad max… not for chia.

All of this should be banned honestly. All talk of mad maxs gpu crap.

With all the bugs. It’s only hurting the project and the community at this point.

I’m glad it appears to be working for people tho. ….

Cause that’s all that matters right? Not if ur actually getting chia.