3 plots disappeared from my HDD


I’ve been plotting at two PCs during the past 5 days. My work PC and my personal PC.

  1. My home PC is the one that is always on and being a node.
  2. Over the past 3 days I’ve plotted 3 plots on my work PC.
  3. I’d taken my external HDD to work today and transferred the 3 plots that were created on my work PC onto that HDD.
  4. I’ve come home just now, plugged in my external HDD into my PC and the 3 plots that I’d transferred for 4 hours today from my work PC onto my HDD are no longer on my external HDD.

I’ve connected the same wallet (mnemonic phrase) on both my work and home PCs and they were both creating plots based on it. This is two days of plotting lost??

Go back where you can see all the drives: C:, D:, etc… does the drive you copied the 3 plots show some space occupied?
If that is a yes, space occupied but when you click and open, they are not there kind of thing, then they are not lost.

The space occupied is occupied by the data that the disk hols; Another 3 plots.
I’ve had 6 plots on my HDD when I’d unplugged it at my work PC, and now after I’ve connected it to my home PC and started the Chia application, those 3 are missing. I’ve only noticed that the 3 plots are missing after my PC was already running for some 20minutes.

Forget those which are there for the moment.
So you have 6 total and 3 of those are missing, am I right?
From the space occupied “point of view”, do you see about 300GB occupied or 600GB occupied? From that observation, you get at least if “they are gone” or “they are there” but hidden.

I’m in the situation where I only see 14 plots but used space says 2.5 TB. Have looked through the logs and there are plots that have been copied to the drive but the files are now missing.
Have tried recovery with testdisk, files aren’t detected as deleted.
Any tips on how to “unhide” them?
I’m running Ubuntu.
Edit: plugging the drive into Windows seems to show 23 plots

I think I may have this same issue. I have two recently created plots moved from an SSD to an external drive. They appear to be on the drive, the drive shows as partially full, but in Windows the root folder and the plots themselves are not visible. No amount refreshing or unhiding makes them so, nor do they show up on a second PC. Meanwhile the Chia client appears to accept them and show them as being farmed, anyone else run into this? Many thanks!