3 TB Hitachi Ultrastar HDD's

I have a +100 3TB Hitachi Ultrastar HDD’s available at a decent price tag, lifetime calculated for those is insane +200y/HDD however depending on usage and as plot drives well low usage.

Now the question is: HDD’s selling filled with plots eg public key + pool key by the user ordering or selling without…

Note; the ultrastar is an Enterprise model and is a refurbished one, I can give tops 6 months warranty on failure.

Downside: Shipping costs which I can’t include in warranty

Now the big question is ?

How much should be added per plot made with a potential reduction of generating plots if over time frame of delivery.

Empty 3TB HDDs without shipping cost , including VAT I would say 65-75 Euro

Filled with plots, not out of that one yet…

If people are interested I simply start a website offering the service, an invoice is possible as I have a VAT number so it can be deducted…

Plotting for 3th parties in theory I only need the public key and and a pool key, not a private one afaik if nothing changes.

Why only 3TB HDD’s , I don’t see the value of using 1-2 TB or lower HDD’s waste of money, 3TB should be a minimum and the Hitachi Ultrastars are Enterprise level quality, even refurbished they might never break.

Input welcome. Even if negative, then I forget about the idea of selling.

English Manual of the Hitachi 3TB Ultrastar HDD 254 pages PDF