3 x 8Tb Western Digital = 24Tb of HD £365


Non price gauged prices, these were £129 each before it all went crazy

selling them individual now £149 each as pricing them in a job lot made it hard to find them on fleeBay.

I think optimal price good for sale will be 110GBP to 120GBP . External drive 8TB at Latvia same price brand new.

got a link for Latvia sounds like a chinese or fake store out of stock everywhere else. Cheapest on flee bay for a miles and before chia they cost £129.

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Lol we are one of tops IT specialist or hackers in the world. Prices in each countries is different lol also. If you dont know how works selling system then dont talk. Who have in Latvia Company we can registered in distributor home page and see cheaper price then shop and we can order via company. We also not need pay VAT on many electronic products via own company no TAX . But distributors if you self know they can say actual price what they pay to get from manufacture . I think you never see other prices only shop. We only sell original brands in shops.

so that is a no to a link?