300 plots 2 different NFT's

So I have a little over 300 plots and I’ve been using wallet 3 to plot. Well recently I accidently ran several plots with wallet 2 not realizing it till now. These plots are now mixed in with all my original plots.

Anyone know how I can sift out what wallet each plot goes to via the command line?

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As I understand the situation you are in correctly there is this trick you can do.
I’ll explain in GUI steps, but if you are a CLI only person you’ll know how to find the appropriate commands with chia -h.

  1. (temporarily) delete the wallet2 keys.
    Only if you have access to the 24 word mnemonics for this wallet of course!!!
    Exit the GUI if its running and use chia keys delete -f <fingerprint_wallet2>
    Deleting keys in the GUI Keys section does not work very well is my experience;-)

  2. Reboot your system, GUI doesn’t close all processes and things are cached that will interfere without rebooting

  3. Start chia GUI with the wallet3 fingerprint (wallet2 fingerprint no longer available).
    Give it a few moments to find all plots and building tables.

  4. In GUI Plots section under Harverster Plots there will now be a section Not found Plots…
    Well, those plots are still there, it should say Plots without matching keys…
    Those are your wallet2 plots, you can copy/paste the filenames one by one to some text editor or take notes on paper.

  5. In GUI Keys section add the 24 word mnemonics for wallet2 again, exit, reboot and restart. All plots will be farmed again but you’ll know the ones under wallet2