350x4tb and 50x3tb sas for $6000

Drives are located at Santa Clara, CA.

Only available for local pickup.

I can accept USDT.

Are these just drives or are they in any type of enclosure(s)?

Just drives.
You can use sas expansion backplane to mount them at a cheap price.
I can help you buy them at 10 usd for 12port sas expansion backplane, you just need some PSU that can provide lots of molex 4pin.

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Willing to share what you are using? That’s less than a SAS cable for 4 discs…

That’s normal price for these parts in China, like sas cable, it costs about 2-3usd.

Of course, they are secondhand

Never found a way to buy used stuff from China, probably not an option for the low volume I am buying.
Still curious regarding the SAS backplane:
Which one are you using / recommending?
Even if I not get them for 10$ it could be a very cheap option (comparing to dirt-cheap HP P812 24-port host adapter + not so cheap cables).