3800x , Sabrant NVME x2, 64GB RAM - plotting


I recently built a plotting rig, the specs:

3800x (16 core)

64gb 3600 RAM

120gb SSD for OS

1 x 2TB Sabrent Rocket gen4 NVME

1 x 1TB Sabrent Rocket gen4 NVME

12x 8TB SATA drives.

Should I run something like 6 plots delayed by 40 mins each on the 2TB and 3 plots delayed by 40 mins each on the 1TB but staggered to start the 2 seperate queues 20 mins apart?

2c per plot? Is it worth putting 6750mb RAM per plot since its available?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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You can read this for a better understanding. How Many Plots Can I Make a Day? – The Chia Farmer


Thanks for the link!

My from working out (probably wrong haha) I should be running no more than 12 in parallel, 10 would probably be better?

I think I’ll try 9 in parallel (6 on 2tb, 3 on 1tb) 2c/6000mb RAM staggered around 20-30 minutes each…

Does that sound about right?

do one at a time to each drive so you know your baseline. that way you can better judge if what you’re getting is wildly off or not since everyone’s setup is different. Your CPU is 8 cores, 16 threads. Though, for the purposes of this, 2 threads per plot (-r 2) should be fine to start with.

You can experiment with the differences of -r 4 one at a time too just to see if there’s enough of a difference to matter for you.

More ram doesn’t do anything significant. Just leave the default. Faster CPUs seems to help, but not really sure on more cores. I was better off doing parallel 2c vs 4c. I could also only really do 4 parallel to my NVMe :frowning:

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