4 rigs but can't get plotman running well on them

Hey everyone new here to the group really cool got one created for the community
I went in this balls to the wall and having issues plotting
I have 4 rigs

2 ) I9 8 cores 16 thread 64 ram 6 tb nvme

1 ) ryzen 9 12 core 24 thread 64 6 tb nvme

  1. server dell 2 x Xeon 3 ghz 20 core 40 thread total with 512 gb ram
  2. server With 96 tb of ram

Installed plot man but can’t get this running good all my rigs are running slow taking a day to do a plot not sure what I’m font wrong can some one share there setting with me to try to see we’re Im going wrong I’m doing like 50 plots a day from all my rigs when I should be doing over 120

Perhaps it would be an idea to share the settings you use for Plotman per rig?

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Also you didn’t list the specific NVME drive models.

I have pny 2 tb each and 2x 1 tb in both i9 system
and my ryzen with 2 1tb each of wd 550 and 2 Samsung 970x2 tb
I will send a screen shot shortly of the file
Thank you everyone for your help

This is my ryzen 9

So your CPU has 24 threads, but you run 6 jobs in phase 1 with 12 threads each?

I believe you can oversubscribe a bit, this seems a bit too much imho. Also according to other members such amount of threads have no added value. I would try with 4 threads first to see if that works better.

I thought the threads is how many we dedicate to the first phase
So having more in phase one I added more threads
So as I understand the thread setting is per plot not for everything in phase one

The EXACT SSD models are essential - the following articles explains why (for Sabrent Rocket Q i know but it might be the same problem)

I have some SSD that are WORSE than HDD for plotting