4 won blocks in 6 days with 1.8 PiB pool netspace (Official Pooling Protocol)

While others with much larger netspace got lesser or even 0 block.

Well congratulations! You were very lucky I guess. In the long run, the wins your pool will have will be consistent to the net space you cover


Can you actually see the member who won? Is it the same guy? ;D

On the Leaderboard tab inside the dashboard

Yes. Luck is on our side lol. Hope it will last long.

Update on July 15th

  1. ZERO pool fee started from now until the pool space reaches 500 PiB
  2. Minimum payout is 0.01 XCH started from now

LUCK has nothing to do with winning, It’s math, called probability&statistics.

https://www.chiaexplorer.com/charts/xchTib (0.3 xch/day/PB)

1PB is 1/3 XCH/DAY, so U should be seeing 3.6 xch ( 6 day 1.8PB )

Now the question is how many people do you share this win with on your pool?

Rewards are distributed based on farmer’s contribution points.

very impressive, im beginning to think this is more than luck, thats 12 XCH in a week what I see. Are there ways other pool operators can hide wins from their pools, i been noticing a trend some pools way ahead of others and it continues daily dont seem to be luck?

I keep saying that the hardware modifies your win chance. Bad hardwared or internet = lower chance, good stuff = higher change.

I also see some pools performing much better then others. If that happens only one day, it’s luck or bad luck. If it happens all the time, it’s systematic.


Yes. But if you don’t agree that it is just luck, then you have to discuss with other people a lot :v
It happened when I try to explain on Reddit. Most Chia farmers believe that chia farming is all about luck I think. Not many people like you, understand how it actually work.
7 won blocks already. Happy farming!

Any recommendations for a forum with a more competent community? ;D

Before I switched to hpool I cared about farmer-quality a lot…
Now that im replotting, its becoming important again.

Do contribution-points represent farmer-quality precisely? I think so but I dont know.
If its the case, it should be possible to compare the"quality" of all pools in 1 chart.

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Reddit, Discord may be :))
Or you can raise questions and discuss with our team on: https://forum.azpool.org/ lol

At present, I believe point contribution/netspace can represent “farmer-quality”.

Don’t you not want to expose your users’ information? Doesn’t seem like a good idea :frowning:

hide their name and email. No one complains about it

Just because no one complains about it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Facts.

Taking an email also means you’re handling personally identifiable information when you don’t really need to - other pools don’t care who I am, why do you?

you can create a junk email to sign up. But it was recommended to use an “official” one because emails are needed for solving cases, support. For example, back to Original Plots, there were some users double-mining and be banned in our system. They want to know why they were banned and they want proofs. So we worked out through emails, not social media channels. You got what I mean?
If you are using other pools? How could you do that?