4 xch is missing

Based on what has been released so far, I doubt that they have any QA, so what is a difference between a beta and ‘Here it is?’ At the moment, there are about 3k nodes running v1.3.5.beta.

Do you report problems in case something goes South?

On my test machine so far (I shouldn’t say this now its going to blow up) I stop chia , reboot and install. So far each beta that I have installed so far I have not had any installation issues. Now I know I don’t get every one because I’m not downloading every 30 minutes or when every they release the next one, there’s no way to know. But so far… And yes I agree with you on the QA on other peoples issues. But if someone has a decent machine enough memory and disk space they shouldn’t be have the issues that people post. Its a learning time every day.

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And if I had any major issues I would report them on GitHub

Issues · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (github.com)

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And when somebody visits from Keybase over here, and you ask them a question I wish we could just geta simple answer…

I’ve been farming with beta versions for a while. I don’t think it’s good.

But remember each release was a beta at one time.